Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Best Boi Blake

by Kris Phillips

When I discovered a new park in Lakewood (ok, probably not that new, but new to me) it only took one stroll around the lake to decide I wanted to work it into my location rotation. But of course that meant finding a model to test it out on. Lucky for me a new best boy had just joined our neighborhood. Klee Kai prancing at Addenbrooke park in Lakewood colorado

It didn’t take much convincing to cajole my friend Chili & Gerard into letting me borrow their new adoption, Blake. Having just joined the family on August 16th none of us had any clue he’d be such a rock star model. But boy did this sweet little guy deliver.

Klee kai chasing a ball

Blake took no time at all to settle in and claim all the furniture for himself. Even leaping long ways over the coffee table to seek and destroy his favorite toys!

Blake came from humble beginnings before finding his Furever family here in Lakewood. In his own words:

“I started out in Oklahoma in a house that was just too packed with stuff and other animals. Then I was moved to Colorado. I found a nice family that took me in with kids and cats to play with. Although, the cat didn’t really like me. The family was nice but they weren’t my forever family. One day I went to the park and I met this couple that showered me in love. That was it for me. I’m still new to my couple but we’re doing great together and really enjoying our time. They’re sweet and good to me. “

Blake maintains his modeling physique with early morning jogs around the neighborhood with his stunt double/ body guard Floki.Klee Kai & Siberian Husky photo

Those pupperazzi have to get up pretty early in the morning to photograph them together.

He secures his best boy status with endless adorableness and even army crawls into bed when his parents are sleeping for some extra snuggles.


For all of Blake’s antics you can follow him on IG at: bestboiblake

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