Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Creating images as vibrant as your dog's personality!

Kris Phillips, Photographer for Furever Friends Pet Photography

Hi! I'm Kris —
Photographer for Furever Friends
Pet Photography.

The gorgeous Denver Colorado landscape is my studio. No sterile paper backdrops, complicated sets, or crazy props here.

Dogs are our connection to the natural world. Which is why I believe deep in my soul, that’s where they should be photographed. We will get a little dirty, there’ll be dog hair EVERYWHERE, slobber on the camera lens, and your dog will probably run amok! But that out-of-the-box, unplanned, silliness is what makes life with a dog so great! And that’s what we want to capture.

Those big round eyes and soft warm muzzle can brighten even the stormiest of days and warm your heart on the coldest Colorado night.

Whether you spend your weekends summiting 14ers, splashing through creeks, or simply lounging in the green grass at your favorite park, your adventures mean fresh air, fun, and occasionally muddy paws under big blue skies. Reflecting that adventurous spirit is my mission.

It doesn’t matter if you have a bouncing puppy or a stoic, gray-muzzled senior, your photo session will revolve around them. That might be playing tug and rolling around in the grass. That might mean splashing through Clear Creek. OR it might mean just a leisurely stroll around the duck pond at City Park.

You work hard so your dog can have a better life; you deserve vibrant images that reflect their unique personality and all the love radiating from those big soft eyes.

Wherever our session takes us, I can guarantee lot of laughs, a little bit of adventure, and an almost endless supply of treats.

Furever Friends Photos Wall Canvas

So hug, kiss, play and be silly with your furever friend, I'll capture the moment — and memories you can share forever!Playful German Shepherd by Furever Friends Photos