Creating vibrant images that capture the adventurous spirit you share with your dog

Hi! I'm Kris — Photographer for Furever Friends Pet Photography.

I'm not ashamed to admit fur-kids are the center of my world. Whether it's which trail to hike this Saturday, what festival to attend, or where to spend a long anniversary weekend they help make the decision. dogs are so much a part of life that they absolutely MUST be included every adventure possible, especially family photos.

But where would your dog rather hang out?

A) A stuffy studio where you have to worry about which expensive equipment he'll knock over?
B) Playing fetch in the park, jumping in the creek, and generally being a crazy, happy, playful dog?

Let's take advantage of all the beauty Colorado has to offer.By meeting you & your dog where there are scenic views, fresh air, and nothing expensive to break everyone will more relaxed and photogenic. Keeping the day fun, playful, and light will result in images of your dog the way you see her — happy!

“It is the perfect picture of how Bodhi brings life to the family and shows how we as people have no control over a dog's joy.”Traci

So hug, kiss, play and be silly with your furever friend, I'll capture the moment — and memories you can share forever!

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