Creating vibrant images that capture the adventurous spirit you share with your dog

Hi! I'm Kris —
Photographer for Furever Friends
Pet Photography.

  • Fur-kids are the center of my world.
  • I’ve been a professional pet photographer since 2008, and I’ve yet to meet a pup I couldn’t photograph.
  • My home is decorated with vibrant images of the pups & people that make life beautiful.

We haven’t met yet, but I’ll bet —

  • You work hard so your dog can have a better life.
  • You’d rather have a great adventure than a perfect manicure.
  • From the car interior to the furniture- paw prints and dog hair are just part of the décor.
  • Every time you show someone a picture on your phone you have to scroll though a hundred of your dog.
  • Your dog has so many toys your living room floor looks like a cross between a bone-yard and a kindergarten.
  • You want beautiful photographic art that reflects your style and your dogs personality but you’re not quite sure how to get there.

Let's take advantage of all the beauty Colorado has to offer.Keeping the day fun, playful, and light will result in images of your dog the way you see her — happy!

So hug, kiss, play and be silly with your furever friend, I'll capture the moment — and memories you can share forever!

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