Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Welcome to Furever Friends! I’m Kris, your Full Service Pet Photography Sherpa.

Kris Phillips, Photographer for Furever Friends Pet Photography

Hi! I'm Kris —
Photographer for Furever Friends
Pet Photography.

What the heckin bob is a pet photography Sherpa?!

Since you live in beautiful Colorado, I’m going to bet you love the great outdoors almost as much as you love your dog. For many pet parents turning your dog's amazing personality into one-of-a-kind photographs can feel a bit like summiting a mountain. You know the view will be awesome when you get there, but you’re not really 100% sure how to make it happen. In fact, you may not even be sure it’s possible (I’m looking at you, parents of wild pups who never ever sit still).

That’s where I come in, your Pet Photography Sherpa!

I will take care of everything, guide you every step of the way, and do all the heavy lifting.

  • I’ll recommend a location that’s going to meet your dogs behavioral needs and your aesthetic goals. (Don’t worry about all this mountain talk, most sessions take place in & around the Greater Denver Area.)
  • I’ll guide you & your dog during the session is a way that’s fun & stress free, not to mention supplying unlimited treats to convince your dog this is the best day ever!!!
  • And after your session? I’m not just going to hand you some files and wish you luck figuring out what to do with them. That would be like walking you to base camp, pointing at the summit and saying “good luck getting the rest of the way”. After all, your goal wasn’t just to have some files right? Your goal is to immortalize all the love your dog radiates in a way that you can enjoy Every. Single. Day! I’m taking you all the way to your goal!
  • After your session I’ll sit down with you in the comfort of your own home to guide you through the design process of creating one of a kind collections that fit your space, style, and budget.
  • And the very best part? Installation is included, so you never have to worry about putting holes in your walls!
Furever Friends Photos Wall Canvas

Wherever our session takes us, I can guarantee lot of laughs, a little bit of adventure, and an endless supply of treats.

The gorgeous Denver Colorado landscape is my studio.

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We will get a little dirty, there’ll be dog hair EVERYWHERE, slobber on the camera lens, and your dog will probably run amok! But that out-of-the-box, unplanned, silliness is what makes life with a dog so great!

You work hard so your dog can have a better life; you deserve vibrant images that reflect their unique personality and all the love radiating from those big soft eyes.

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