Your Session

Your Experience

Life is complicated enough; Let me make your photography experience easy.

  • Contact Me & Schedule your session
  • Sign photography agreement & pay online
  • Show up on picture day, have some fun with your pup, and laugh at all the silly things I do to get the perfect shot.
  • Send me a picture of the empty wall you want to fill with love.
  • Enjoy a glass of wine during your in-home reveal & ordering session. You’ll get to hold printed proofs and actual products in your hands as well as view custom Wall Art Collection on your own walls.

From Custom Framed Collections to my Signature Folio box, I’ll help you select & tailor the perfect options to display all your favorite images.

"Can I be in the Photos too?"

Of course! In fact I highly recommend including yourself and anyone your dog considers family in at least a few photos. As adorable as your dog is, we want to capture the love you have for each other not just that sweet face.

“Had a great experience with Kris. She was so so great with my whole family, 2 legged and 4 legged, and the pictures came out amazing!”Andrew L.

Where to Go?

If you & your dog have a special spot that's close to your heart I'm happy to meet you there! No ideas? Let's chat! I'm happy to help you find the perfect locale to suit your style.

Lions Park
Bear Creek Park
Downtown Denver

What to Wear?

Something you'll be comfortable playing with your dog in.
Jeans and a nice shirt generally allow plenty of flexibility.
Solid colors photograph best.
Shoes that suit your style but you're comfortable walking your dog in.

"My dog isn't very well behaved."

That's ok! I have worked with all kinds of animals at every level of “training” from very young puppies who didn't know any “manners” to very old dogs who were just over following “the rules”. Each dog has a unique personality and I will work around your pet's personality and capabilities. This might mean less than perfect posing, or changing the shot halfway through. Sometimes it’s the unplanned shots that become the most memorable.

“Excellent photos! She was so great and patient with my pup who wasn't always the most cooperative. I'd go to her again!”Kelsey M
“Excellent photos! She was so great and patient with my pup who wasn't always the most cooperative. I'd go to her again!”Kelsey M

"You can just fix it in PhotoShop right?"

The answer to this is yes and no. I am a firm believer that your images should reflect you & your dog. While I am happy to do minor retouching in processing your final photos, I don't do large scale changes, like body shaping, because it'll look obvious and unnatural.

"Does my dog have to be off-leash?"

  • If YOU are comfortable taking your dog off leash, you are welcome to, as long as they are very reliable under voice control.
  • When positioning allows it, I’ll remove leashes in post-processing.

What's the Timeline?

  • Schedule your photo session 2-6 weeks out. ( Legacy Sessions can be scheduled sooner to accommodate your dogs needs)
  • Spend about 90 minutes having fun & taking pictures at your photo session.
  • 2 weeks later kick back with a glass of wine and enjoy your in-home reveal where I'll help you find the perfect way to show off all your favorite images.
  • 2-3 weeks later I'll deliver all the goodies right to your door.

You have enough stress in your life, capturing awesome images with your pup shouldn't be one of them. Let me worry about the details so you & your dog can relax and have fun!

Let's Get Started!
“You made us both very comfortable. Obviously you got Casey to relax and actually seem happy in these pictures. She relaxed so I feel you captured her personality pretty well. It was worth the $ and I love the folio box!! I never would have thought I would go for it, but it is perfect. I was happy with how I looked and was happy to get some good pics of Casey, Miss "please don’t make me look at the camera"! Yes I’d do this again and next time I’d like to get the snow capped mountains in the background.

Thanks so much for capturing my girl so well!”Claudia

What are My Options?

To best serve Denver's dog lovers I do things a little differently here at Furever Friends. Rather than just hand you digital files and wish you luck figuring out what to do with them, I’ll take the time to help you decide exactly which of my custom products best fit your style and your space, then put everything together for you, allowing you to sit back and relax while I do what I do best.There’s no minimum order, so you purchase only what you love.
Most pet parents invest an average of $500-$900 in capturing their dogs legacy.

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