Your Session

What to Expect

From booking your session to your in-home viewing I will do my best to make the photography process as stress-free as possible. You have a busy life so I try to be as flexible as possible.

  • Call, email, or text to get the ball rolling on your on-location session
  • Fill out a brief questionnaire to save some back & forth emails & help me guide your experience
  • Sign the photo session agreement & pay your retainer to secure your session and you're all set
  • Show up for your session and have some fun
  • About two weeks later we'll meet up for your in-home viewing so I can guide you through the ordering process

Folio Boxes are even available immediately, while most print orders will arrive in a couple weeks, some special order items may take longer.

"Can I be in the Photos too?"

Of course! In fact I highly recommend including yourself and anyone your dog considers family in at least a few photos. As adorable as your dog is, we want to capture the love you have for each other not just that sweet face. In fact, you're welcome to bring the whole pack! Just keep in mind that if you have a large family it make take more time to get group photos, especially with kids or lots of dogs. You may not have quite as many final shots to choose from.

“Had a great experience with Kris. She was so so great with my whole family, 2 legged and 4 legged, and the pictures came out amazing!”Andrew L.

Where to Go?

This is totally up to you. Just about anywhere can yield beautiful photos. Some dogs prefer to stay home and run around the back yard, others like to venture out. If you have a large pack and not enough handlers to help with them, sometimes the backyard is the best option. If you have a favorite park or hiking trail I'm happy to meet you there. Though some parks have strict rules about photography.

    What makes a great location

  • Look for someplace that has a scenic view that's unobstructed by housing developments.
  • Rolling hills, tall flower beds, or established trees that serve to fill the frame behind you are great.
  • Creeks and small ponds are lovely especially if they have tall trees around them.
  • Unique architecture also makes for great photos.

    What to Avoid

  • Lakes tend to photograph flat and boring, depending on what's around.
  • Avoid dog parks, they are great fun for your dog but usually don't provide the most scenic backdrop. And all the other dogs will make it really hard to maintain your pups attention.

Not sure where to go? That's OK too. I'm happy to recommend some of my favorite spots. Whether we're meeting up at Lions Park, Bear Creek Park, Downtown, or even your back yard, you'll have images you can cherish for years to come.

Lion's Park
Bear Creek Park
Downtown Denver

What to Wear?

Wear something you'll be comfortable playing with your dog in. Jeans and a nice shirt generally allow plenty of flexibility. Solid colors photograph best. Just keep in mind, you'll be looking at these photos for years to come. And while I don't mind doing some minor retouching to remove the muddy pawprint your dog gave you during our session, I will not be able to photoshop different shoes on your feet. (YES! I have had people ask) Depending on your style, and location, I recommend shoes you can do a little walking in. Sometimes we climb on rocks and if your dog likes to pull you might need some extra stability. You're more than welcome to take your shoes off and on during a session as well. Going barefoot adds to the feeling of being in touch with nature.

How to Prepare?

How much or how little you want to prep is totally up to you. Some people like to have their dogs, and themselves, perfectly groomed before a photo session. Others prefer to come as they are. Either is totally OK with me! I'm a firm believer that your photos should reflect who you and your pet are, your personalities and your style. If you want to work on teaching your dog to sit or stay, it might come in handy on photo day. But it's not totally necessary. If you want your dog to do a special trick for his pictures, practice it outside of your home. And don't be surprised if he still totally forgets his manners on picture day. Check out some of my favorite tips for dodging the most common photo pitfalls.

"My dog isn't very well behaved."

That's ok! I wasn't always a dog photographer. Once upon a time I was a vet tech, and for 3 years, a zoo keeper. I have worked with all kinds of animals at every level of “training”. I have worked with very young puppies who didn't know any commands and very old dogs who were just over following commands. Each dog has a unique personality and I will do my very best to work your photos around your pets personality and capabilities. This might mean less than perfect posing, or changing the shot halfway through to accommodate your dog. If your dog has settled into a good spot I may ask you to quickly slide over next to them. At times it may feel a little awkward or chaotic, but I promise you'll be happy with the final results.

“Excellent photos! She was so great and patient with my pup who wasn't always the most cooperative. I'd go to her again!”Kelsey M
“Excellent photos! She was so great and patient with my pup who wasn't always the most cooperative. I'd go to her again!”Kelsey M

"You can just fix it in PhotoShop right?"

The answer to this is yes and no. Just like the shoes mentioned above, how you & your pet come to your photo session is how you'll be photographed. While I am happy to make minor adjustments in processing your final photos, large scale changes may look obvious. Above all, I strive to keep your photos looking natural, if something looks photoshopped it may do more to ruin a picture than whatever was removed. If YOU are comfortable taking your dog off leash, you are welcome to, as long as they are very reliable under voice control. Also, keep local leash laws in mind. Nothing ruins a fun outing like a ticket. If your dog is not 100% on their voice commands we still have options. You can bring a decorative leash and collar. Also, I'll do my best to position your dogs leash in a way that it wont show or that it can be removed in post. There are times when a leash cuts right across the front of a photo that it can't be removed without causing the photo to look off, but we'll try to avoid that in your photos. Please see the chart below for added clarification. If you have any questions or special requests please don't hesitate to ask.

When can I expect my Photos?

We'll schedule an in-home viewing session about two weeks after your photo session. We can sit down together and chat about where in your home you'd like to display your new portraits of your best friend. And I'll bring samples of my most popular items from the ready-to-display Folio Box, to a perfect for your office Photo Cube.

All photos are printed professionally, they will last indefinitely. It can take up to three weeks for your prints and keepsakes to arrive.

This should be a fun & stress-free event for you and your dogs, so relax and have fun!

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“You made us both very comfortable. Obviously you got Casey to relax and actually seem happy in these pictures. She relaxed so I feel you captured her personality pretty well. It was worth the $ and I love the folio box!! I never would have thought I would go for it, but it is perfect. I was happy with how I looked and was happy to get some good pics of Casey, Miss "please don’t make me look at the camera"! Yes I’d do this again and next time I’d like to get the snow capped mountains in the background.

Thanks so much for capturing my girl so well!”Claudia

What are My Options?

To best serve Denver's dog lovers I offer a variety of inclusive packages as well as fun and creative photo keepsakes. My clients invest an average of $500-$900 in capturing their dogs legacy.

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