Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Pet Projects

2021- May 4th – June 4th

The Colorado Pet Pantry 2022 Calendar Contest!
Does your pet have what it takes to be Denver’s Next Top Dog Model?!

This year’s competition is hotter than ever! Dr. O’s back to defend his Cover Dog title but there’s some hot dogs nipping at his heels.

We have some pretty exciting incentives for our winners:

  • The top 13 pets will each win a spot in our 2022 Calendar. Their photo shoot will take place in a local park with Furever Friends Pet Photography.
  • BONUS: If we pass the $10,000 fundraising mark, each of the top 13 pets will receive a 16×20 Wall Print of their pet’s calendar photo on Classic Canvas, Modern Metal, or Stunning Acrylic.
  • The Grand Prize Winner will receive… ooh this is good…
    • The coveted Cover Photo of the 2022 Colorado Pet Pantry Calendar,
    • a special grooming session by Ken Caryl Pet Spa,
    • two tickets to the Wooftop Party for a Cause on July 31st (this celebration on sale soon for $100 each), and
    • a pair of Sidewalk Dog Brewery Passes to enjoy all summer long with your pet.
  • The runner up (second place) pet will also receive
    • A pair of Sidewalk Dog Brewery Passes (luckyyy) and
    • Two tickets to the Wooftop Party for a Cause on July 31st (this celebration on sale soon for $100 each)

So vote now and vote often, $1 per vote. The contest ends on June 4th at 9pm. Good luck to all involved. Let’s do this.

This year’s weekly prize packs are even MORE EPIC! These weekly bundles go to the pet who rallys the most NEW votes each week, regardless of their overall standing on the leaderboard!

You can guarantee your pet a spot in the calendar with our Reserve a Date option.

Benchmark a special day, whether it’s a Birthday, Gotcha Day, or Day of Remembrance for just $10 with our awesome Reserve-A-Day option. Just pick your date, upload your favorite photo and include a short sentiment.


2021-May 29th- Spring Mini’s benefitting Crown Cares

I’m teaming up with UNM Miss Colorado PreTeen, Ava Franzen, to raise funds for Crown C.A.R.E.S- dedicated to creating a respectful environment in schools and youth organizations.

These 20 minute sessions will take place at Denver’s iconic City Park on May 29th from 8am-12pm. Reservations are required for this very limited engagement. 

Each session includes your choice of 8X8 StandOut print or Dog-Mom Pendant, perfect for keeping your fur-baby close to your heart. With additional prints available from a Special Spring Menu.

2020- The Colorado Pet Pantry 2021 Calendar Contest

To say that 2020 started off rough and only got worse would be laughable. Like so many other business owners I sat helplessly waiting for the go-ahead to start earing a living again. And while things were uncomfortable for me, they were so much worse for so many around me. After riding out the initial lockdown like a dystopian post-apocalyptical movie survivor, I felt the ever-growing ache to do something more.

Like a sign from the universe, a technology glitch put distributing food at Colorado Pet Pantry back on my empty calendar.

As I helped unload food Eileen asked, “are you sure you have time to help today?” I laughed “Yeah, what else am I going to do-can’t photograph”.  “You know”, she followed “we could really use some help, like part-time.”

I had been a volunteer for years, helping out at my local monthly pet food bank, picking up large donations when I could carve time out of my shoot schedule. But suddenly I found myself really part of the team. At the pet pantry warehouse most days sorting dog food, assembling banks, loading & unloading trucks. 

But what’s any of that got to do with a calendar contest? Suddenly being on the inside and seeing how much Colorado Pet Pantry gives to the community, and how crushing it was to watch one fund-raising event after another be cancelled due to social distancing I knew I needed to do more. I stumbled across the calendar contest idea by sheer luck while listening to a pet photography podcast…yup, there’s a podcast for everything.

It was already late Summer, and I knew if we were going to drop a calendar by the new year there wasn’t a minute to waste. So I brought the idea to our fearless leader. It was really one of the Ready, Fire, Aim kinda situations. We launched the contest a week later with a vague hope of raising a few hundred dollars. We set the goal at $5000, but secretly I prayed we’d just be able to cover the minimum cost of printing the minimum order of calendars.

After all, times were hard. Would people really be excited to give their uncertain income over to a charity calendar?

OMG!!! To say I was blown away by the excitement and generosity of the Colorado Pet Pantry supporters…I mean I truly have no words. Before long we were scrambling to come up with new weekly prizes to thank our fervent contestants!

By the time all was said & done the calendar raised $17,529 to help Colorado Pet Pantry continue their vital work helping keep pets out of shelters and with the families who already love them!

2019- The Yoga Dog Project

The Yoga Dog Project book, inside pages

What is the Yoga Dog Project?

Through the practice of Yoga we seek to learn balance, oneness, and self-acceptance, to quite the mind so the soul can express itself. We seek to understand and integrate the Shadow Self. And I feel like these are all lessons that dogs just innately know. They live in the moment, in a state of one complete being. I feel like this is why any attempt to practice in my dogs presence draws them in close. It’s probably the only time when they think “Hey, your vibration matches mine”. Dogs are also the ones who accept us, including our shadow side, fully and without reservation.

This project lived in my heart for over a year before I was able to first bring it to the light with the help my amazing sister, Katrina, and her sweet boy Rudy. I am so grateful for her guidance. When I finally launched the project in January 2019, I was overjoyed by the warm reception. The yogi’s in this project are real people, with their real dogs, and their experiences levels are as varied as their reason for coming to their mats. Some are teachers, some are not. And the conditions for shooting this project certainly pushed the boundaries of everyone’s skills.

Starting on January 11th, 1/11, in one of the wildest winters I’ve experienced since coming to Colorado meant not only finding balance alongside playful pups, but also freezing temperatures, snow pack, and occasionally winds so hard balance poses became impossible.

The book was published at the end of 2019 and is available via my publisher, BookBaby, as well as through Amazon.



Dog and Human practicing Down Dog in silhouette
The Yoga Dog project is a collection of images which seek to reflect the connection that we share with our dogs during our practice. I chose to shoot them in silhouette because I wanted to strip away all the surface. Remove thoughts about breed or color, or designer leggings. And simply capture the form that remained.  





So if you want a copy of this gorgeous, unique project for your home or studio? It’s available directly through my publisher or on Amazon.








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