Yoga Dog Project

This project lived in my heart for over a year before I was able to first bring it to the light with my amazing sister, Katrina, and her sweet boy Rudy. I am so grateful for her guidance. When I finally launched the project in January I was overjoyed by the warm reception. The yogi’s in this project are real people, with their real dogs, and their experiences levels are as varied as their reason for coming to their mats. Some are teachers, some are not. And the conditions for shooting this project certainly pushed the boundaries of everyone’s skills. Starting on January 11th, 1/11, in one of the wildest winters I’ve experienced since coming to Colorado meant not only finding balance alongside playful pups, but also freezing temperatures, snow pack, and occasionally winds so hard balance poses became impossible.

As Spring approaches and the weather warms I am continuing to shoot Yoga Dog Project Sessions. Sessions completed before May 31st will be considered for inclusion in the first edition of the book.

Yoga Dog Project Session-

  • Your session will last about 90 minutes, starting just before sunset.
  • We’ll shoot some traditionally lit photos of you & your dog and then follow with the beautiful yoga silhouettes.
  • You’ll receive a complimentary 11×14 canvas or framed print from your session.
  • Option to purchase additional prints and art pieces from your session.
  • Complimentary design consultation to help you decide what to do with your favorite images.
  • Session Fee: $195

If you’d like to have a Sunset Session and be considered for inclusion in the book project please complete the contact form below.


One of the core concepts in Yoga is finding balance and acceptance of both the light and shadow sides of your being. Dogs are the ones who accept us wholly — long before we ever learn to accept ourselves. By photographing yogis & their dogs in silhouette I’m hoping to strip away the masks that we all wear and reflect the depths of our dogs’ acceptance. Dogs seem to innately embody many of the teachings of yoga; love, acceptance, balance, living in the moment, releasing that which does not serve. What better animal to incorporate into a project like this.

This project has been some time in the making and I’m excited to finally bring my vision to life with your help.

The ultimate goal of this project is to create a book of beautiful, impact-full images. I am currently anticipating the book & art work to be available in August of this year. With a calendar available by the new year. If you’d like to be notified when those items become available you can register at : Yoga Dog Project Store

From your session you’ll have a variety of beautiful images to choose from, and I’ll help you pick the perfect way to display your favorites.

Whether you have a big space or a small one to fill with daily reminders of your practice I have the perfect print option.


Considering a Yoga Dog Project Session?

  • Do you love your practice?
  • Do you want beautiful artwork depicting your experience?
  • Can your dog reliably sit & stay (at least for a moment)?
  • You do NOT need to be an expert or have the perfect “yoga body”.
  • Your dog doesn’t need to be off leash.

Consider a regular Furever Friends Session instead if:

  • Yoga just isn’t your thing, but you still want beautiful images of your best furry friend.
  • You have multiple dogs you want in your session.
  • You want to include your significant other who doesn’t practice.
  • Your dog doesn’t do “stay” (not even for a moment)

**All images subject to copyright.**

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