Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Your Dogs Legacy

by Kris Phillips


Dogs have this uncanny ability to simultaneously live every day like it’s their last, and convince us they’ll live forever. No matter how many times you come home from work they’re still just as excited. No matter how many times you throw the ball, it’s still the best thing ever! That game of tug never gets old and yet dog years fly by so fast.

Dogs are the wonderful companions who travel through life with us, without many mile-markers to remind us just how long the journey has been. No school pictures, no big birthday parties. Just somewhere along they way it takes longer to retrieve the stick, somewhere along they way that sweet muzzle goes from black to gray. It quietly dawns on you that the clock may be running short and the only photos you have to commemorate your best bud are on your cell phone. This is when you start thinking about a Legacy Session. It’s a photo shoot designed to commemorate and carry on your dogs legacy.

Some things to keep in mind.
1) Sooner is better. When you’ve just received a scary diagnoses from the vet the last thing you’re thinking about is “hey, lets go take some pictures.” But dogs are amazing at pretending they’re ok, until they really really aren’t. Over the years I have spoken to so many grieving pet-parents who kept thinking “we’ll do this next month” until it was too late.
2) We don’t get a say in their timetable, if we did they would all live forever. So if time is short I will do everything in my power to accommodate your dogs scheduling needs.
3) Vet bills are expensive, so Legacy sessions are the only time I offer payment plans if needed. I don’t want anyone to miss those precious moments waiting for their next paycheck.

Is it right for you & your dog? A legacy session is just like any other photo session. We’ll find a beautiful park, roll around in the grass, play some fetch and have a great adventure. Bringing your dogs favorite things is highly encouraged! This is just one more fun afternoon with your buddy. If he or she doesn’t have the energy for all that sillyness, we’ll adjust the plan to accommodate. Even if that means staying in the back yard and just spending some time cuddling. I’ll help you get images you’ll be able to keep and cherish forever.

It isn’t about saying “goodbye”. It IS about having beautiful pictures of the bond you share that wont disappear when you drop your phone in a puddle.


Your love will last forever, your photos should too.

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