5 Tips For Better Pictures of Your Dog With Any Camera

by Kris Phillips

You don’t have to have a killer camera to get great photos of your furry friends. Most of today’s camera phones take some pretty decent images. Over the last decade of being a dog photographer I’ve had the joy of photographing just about every kind of dog out there- the crazy ones, the shy ones, the deaf or blind ones, puppies who are too young to know “sit”, and elderly dogs who have seen it all and would rather just bask in the sun. Here are some of my best go-to’s to get beautiful pictures of your dog no matter what kind of camera you have.

  1. Be patient- This is the  most important part, remember your dog has NO idea what you want.
  2. Go outside- Yes, outside means more distractions but also fun smells, green grass(or snow) to roll in, and blue skies(hopefully).
  3. Get down- Get yourself & your camera at doggie eye level or even lower.
  4. Keep it fast- if you put too much pressure on you dog, trying over and over and over for the perfect shot, he will quickly get bored or frustrated or think he’s been a bad dog, and give you the sad eyes.
  5. Say “Cheese”- or “Treat” or “Ball” or “Squirrel” or “who’s a good boy?” whatever gets your dog excited!




Good Luck! 


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