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Pawesome Beauty Secrets to Share With Your Dog

by Kris Phillips

I’m a big fan of natural beauty. Now, I’m not talking about the lucky few who just roll out of bed looking amazing. No, I’m talking about beauty care products which are as natural as possible, uncomplicated, and most importantly cruelty-free. And one of my favorite beauty secrets is probably hiding in your kitchen cabinet — Coconut Oil. This is absolutely a staple in my house, and one of the few things I have to buy in bulk. Better yet, it’s a beauty product you can share with your dog! Everyone wants to look great for their photos so I wanted to share some of my favorite uses for that awesome beauty product I share with the fur-babies.

For your pup

Paw Conditioner: Between the ice and salt in the winter and hot sidewalks in the summer your pups’ paws take a beating. Make a habit of rubbing some coconut oil into those sore pads to sooth & keep them from cracking.



Coat conditioner: If you’re dealing with a dry flaky coat rub some oil on your hands until it melts then smooth through that coat. A little goes a long way and a soft brush will help evenly distribute it.


Swamp Coat: During the summer we end every jog or hike with a dip in the creek. While this makes The Swota very, very happy, it can leave her smelling a bit like a dirty gym sock because her thick coat doesn’t really dry. I soften some coconut oil and mix in a few drops of Tea Tree Oil, a great natural anti-fungal. Then I smooth it through her coat. She still needs regular bathes but this remedy helps us avoid the stink.


Nose Conditioner: Years ago our senior husky developed what I thought was a horrible sun burn on his nose. It was red & angry and it would crack & bleed. I could tell it was so painful. The vet diagnosed him with discoid lupus, an auto-immune disorder that among other things causes a loss of pigment on the nose, and extreme sensitivity to the sun. The vet prescribed a topical steroid. And it worked great, but I was worried about how much he was licking off & eating since he would need it for the rest of his life. When a friend started telling me how great coconut oil was. I tried it out, and it became part of out daily routine. Applying it right before mealtime gave the oil a few minutes to soak in while Yukon was busy eating. With twice daily application we kept his nose soft and him comfortable.

For You

Hot oil treatment: I love my multicolored mane, but all the bleaching & dying can leave my hair thrashed. So every so often (usually a couple weeks after a redye) I take some time and show it some tlc. For an easy hot oil treatment, grab a jar of coconut oil, a blow-dryer and throw a towel in the dryer to warm up. Use the hair-dryer just to warm up your hair and help the oil work its way in, working in small sections warm the oil in your palms and then work it into your hair. Once you have a pretty good coating, brush it though, and grab that warm towel out of the dryer. Then enjoy a glass of wine while the oil does its magic. Wash it out in the shower and enjoy the shine.

Daily Moisturizer: No doubt winter cold can be brutal on your skin. I haven’t found a better daily moisturizer than coconut oil. Applied right outta the shower it keeps my skin hydrated all day long. No dyes, chemicals, or artificial fragrances. Just skin-soothing hydration.

We all need to take time for a little pampering every now and then. And who better to spend a home spa day with than your best dog.


*Coconut oil is a food product, and generally safe. Other human beauty products often contain chemicals which can be irritating or even toxic to your dog.

And since you have all that coconut oil left over try out this yummy recipe for Coconut OIl & Peanut Butter Dog treats from The Animal Rescue Site.


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