New Years Resolutions for Dog Lovers

by Kris Phillips

It’s that time of year again. Short days that leave us a lot of time to look back on the year we leave behind and start thinking about what’s to come. And of course it’s time to make a long list of ambitious goals and label it “New Years Resolutions”.
Gym and food club memberships soar but studies suggest most resolutions will be forgotten by March. Those same studies also suggest you have better odds of staying on track using the buddy system. So who better to buddy up with that your favorite four-legged companion.

1.Get in Shape

Gym memberships are great. I’m a big fan of Chuze (if you sign up, tell ’em I sent you ;P). But your gym membership is not going to rest it’s head on your lap while giving you the sad eyes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out for a run in less than ideal weather just because Swota howled until I caved in. Dogs are great accountability partners because they need to get out an about just as much as we do. And if your dog is out of shape too, all the more reason to get moving.

Big goals are great but you need an action plan.
1. Sign up for a dog friendly 5k. There are tons of them around Denver from the Canine Classic in April to the Ugly Sweater Run(pictured above) in December. 5ks are great for every fitness level because you can walk or run, and your dog will love it too. Just be sure to verify it’s a dog friendly race.
2. Put it on your calendar. If you’re like me, things not on the calendar are often forgotten or pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. So make a point to schedule time to train, walk or jog, with your canine companion several times a week.
3. Form a pack. The more people & dogs involved in your plan to get fit, the more likely you are to stick with it. After all, letting yourself off the hook is way easier than letting someone else down. So schedule group walks/jogs with other dog owners, family, and friends. It’ll make the workout more, and give your dogs added time to work on their pack social skills.


2.Spend More Time With Your Pooch

Your dog essentially lives for spending time with you. But between catching up on paperwork and the inevitable Netflix marathon it’s easy to lose track of hours. So set aside some time every day just to spend with your pup. Take at least 15 minutes to actively engage with your dog- teach a new trick, play fetch, or polish the old tricks. Plus, at least 30 minutes of walk time. You’ll have a happier, more well-behaved pup. Plus, you get 45 minutes a day of decompression- no work, no stress, just fun. Your blood pressure will thank you and so will your pup!




3. Take The Boring Out of Your Routine

Doing the same thing over and over gets old. Doggy brains need stimulation too. Try to find a new place to take your pup as often as possible. Whether it’s a different rout on your daily walks or a new trail to hike on the weekend, mixing it up will keep your dog alert and thinking. And once the Spring & Summer festivals start up again there’ll be even more opportunities for new adventure. Don’t forget to check out the Furever Friends Newsletter for fun dog friendly events.



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