Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

5 Thanksgiving favorites you can totally share with your pets.

by Kris Phillips
  • Turkey! Sure you’ll have plenty left over and it’s totally ok to share with dogs and cats, as long as it’s unseasoned and de-boned. So if anyone complains the turkey was bland, just tell them you’re planning to save some for Fido.


  • Sweet Potatoes. Usually served baked under a layer of marshmallows, you’ll want to save a few raw chunks to share with the dogs. And NEVER let your pets have the marshmallows, most of them are made with Xyletol which is TOXIC to dogs & cats.


  • Pumpkin but no pie. Unseasoned canned pumpkin is really good for pets, it helps their digestive system and is filling for pets on a diet. But who can stick to a diet this time of year?! Again, the rest of the pie should probably be avoided.


  • Bread & Rolls. They serve no real nutritional benefit but who else is going to eat the bread that sat on the table overnight and now doubles as a chew toy. (As long as it’s cooked, raw dough an be very dangerous when eaten)


  • Carrots and Green Beans. Served raw these veggies make a crunchy low-cal snack for dogs and dinner guests alike.


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