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DIY- Kitty Puzzle Box

by Kris Phillips

20160502_111953There’s nothing more fun than picking up a new toy for your fur-baby. You anticipate the joy they will have playing. You come home, unpack it, spend 15 minutes trying to assemble it, and step back to wait for the joy. Then you realize your little monster is having a blast…with the box the toy came in. So what’s a pet parent to do? Stop spending big bucks and DIY a puurrrfectly entertaining cat puzzle box. 

Supplies are simple and cheap, you might even have most of them laying around the house:20160501_142014

  • Find a couple of soda/beer flats, you should be able to snag 2 at your local grocery or liquor store. Try to find one that just a hair smaller than the other. But if they’re the same size you can still squish ’em together.
  • A box cutter or scissors will work too.
  • a marker
  • some packing tape
  • a few toys that roll around.

20160501_142404Step 1: Take one of your flats and draw some circles on the underside. You can use the soda rings as a guide. I recommend using every other circle, so the game is challenging to kitties.

Step 2: Cut out all the holes you drew. It’s also a good idea to use a cutting board to protect your counter top. Some cats are great at fishing their toys out. You could also make some of the holes smaller to make the puzzle box more challenging. 

20160501_142533Step 3: Add toys and catnip to the half you 20160501_142551didn’t cut holes in. I like to use a mix of toys. Some soft fuzzy balls, some hard jingly ones. And even some cloth or feather toys

Step 4: Just quish the two pieces together and tape the edges.


IMG_20160501_163400Step 5: Sit back and be entertained! Shiney is pretty good at fishing her toys out so we have to keep dropping them back in the holes.

Keep in mind that from house cats to tigers the best toys are the novel ones. Once your cat is bored with a toy, hide it. Keep a stash of toys in a closet where they wont be found. And trade them out every few days. Plus, if they get bored with this one you’re not really out much.


Bonus: you could spray paint the puzzle box so it matches your home decor. On the down side- cats love cardboard. If you paint it some cats may not be as psyched about the toy.


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