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Crafty Pups

by Kris Phillips


‘Tis the season for crafting, so don’t leave the fur-kids out! Consider getting pups & kids involved with some fun crafty ideas from around the web. When picking out craft supplies like paint or glue just make sure it is labelled “non-toxic”. Supplies designed for kids or babies are usually the best place to start.

I recently came across a fun idea for making a paw print ornament. (Ok, the project was designed for human babies, but it works just the same). Just dip your pup or kitty paws in some Elmers glue, and press them on a plain shatter-proof ornament. Sprinkle with glitter and let it dry. Not into glitter? Try using finger pains instead for fun colors. Or consider mixing up a batch of salt-dough with this fun recipeDSCF6623

Whether you have a new pup or an old hound these ornaments will be great keepsakes. Or order a photo memory box from your Furever Friends photo shoot. Pick up some no-bake clay. Carefully kneed and form it to the inside of your box and press your fur-kids paws into the clay. You may want to form the clay outside of the box. That way if your first paw print isn’t perfect you can easily ball it up and try again. 20151211_111719-1 Make sure to leave the box open while it drys though to give the moisture a place to go. You can also accomplish the same keepsake effect by picking up a shadow box. Mount your clay paw next to your pets photo for an enduring keepsake.


But not all pets are super-cooperative so here are some crafts for your pets. 

2015-02-16SnowDogs-0045Home Baked Cookies: Super quick and easy to make these Peanut Butter & Pumpkin cookies will have your pup feeling loved and they’re pretty healthy too! Just be extra sure your peanut butter doesn’t contain Xyletol (toxic to pets), which may be listed as “artificial sweetener”. If you want to be on the safe side consider just buying peanuts and throwing them in your food processor until they are the right consistency. Looking for a fun gift idea for your favorite pet parents? Put your home-made cookies into a mason jar or canister. Tie a beautiful bow on it. Bonus Points? Pick up some glass etching gel and personalize it with a fun design or name.

ginigerbread toyBut don’t forget the kitties! I came across this adorable DIY catnip filled gingerbread cat toy. It’s super easy but I would definitely remove your kitties from your work area first! Just cut a pattern out of two pieces of felt, decorate (don’t use anything can come off and hurt your kitty), stitch them together and fill with catnip! Know that hard to shop for cat-mom? Make a bunch of different shaped felt toys, toss them in a glass jar or canister and top it off with a bow. And just like our dog treat jar, consider some etching gel to personalize the jar for your favorite feline.

I’ve only listed a couple of ideas here, but the internet is full of them, check out ViralNova. Whether your crafting for your own pet or a friends, be sure to keep safety in mind, buttons, beads, and other small hard adornments can be chewed off and swallowed. Home-made gifts are thoughtful, budget-friendly, and fun for the whole family.

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