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Furry friends love Christmas too!

by Kris Phillips

Santa Paws

The holidays are a time for being with friends and family, great food, and of course presents! Hopefully you’ve gotten all your shopping done but you may have forgotten some very important members of the family. These days more people have more pets than ever before. So when you’re searching for those perfect gifts, don’t forget the furry family members. With less than a week ’till Christmas you may be feeling the crunch. Fear not—there’s still time!  The bad news is, now you have even more names to add to your list. The good news? Pets are super easy to shop for! They are likely to appreciate whatever you get them, just be sure to give safe & appropriate gifts. So below I’ve compiled a short list given your occasion.

For your sisters feline furries:

A quick trip down the kitty aisle should yield lots of options; 1) feather wands 2) laser pointers 3) cat-nip filled mice 4) jingle balls

Your mother-in-law’s lap pooch;

Think small! 1) a cute sweater or jacket 2) a decorative collar 3) a stuffy squeaker toy

Your best friend’s big dogs;

These guys can be a bit tougher, think tough toys! 1) Rubberized toys or Air-Kongs 2) Elk antlers for chewers 3) maybe a giant rawhide 4) or a new bowl

Holiday-themed presents are fun but you can also think about your friend’s favorite sports team or sense of style. Don’t be afraid to get personal. Still have no clue? You can always spring for a gift certificate from Furever Friends or a local pet store like Wag-N-Wash

We all know that we’re supposed to bring a bouquet or bottle of wine to a dinner party; consider also bringing a plate of home-made dog cookies for the hosting pets. Check out The Kitchen: Cookies for Canines for great recipes.

dog bones

What is Santa bringing your furry friends this year?

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