Miss Kali's Fall Fun

by Kris Phillips

On a lovely Fall morning I met up with Kali & her mom Nanci at one of my favorite spots. Though the clouds were a little heavier than I would have preferred the park itself was bursting with Autumn vibrancy.

Cocker Spaniel by the creek in Fall

Kali is a sweet 10 year old Cocker Spaniel with a heart of gold. Though she took a couple moments to warm up to me, she quickly became my new best friend. Some really tasty treats might have had something to do with it. And I spent the rest of our session with her enjoying some “extremes close-ups”. Which is pet photographer code for “she really just wanted to snuggle in my lap.”Cocker Spaniel in the Fall Leaves

Through no fault of her own, sweet Kali found herself surrendered to a shelter twice before she found Nanci. The first time was at just two years old. Not sure who could’ve given up that adorable face. Luckily she was adopted and spent some time in Summit country before her person passed away. She again found herself at the shelter. But now that she’s found Nanci, Kali will have a home furever. Nanci says “she’s the best, most loving dog I’ve ever had!(don’t tell the others)”. Cocker Spaniel in Fall

Kali likes to keep Nanci on her toes with rousing games of hide my toys, especially her favorite toy, Violet. “She’s the sweetest girl, and loves me unconditionally.”


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