Who Loves a Snow Day?

by Kris Phillips

Dogs overlooking mountainWOW! That was a LOT of snow we piled up last week! And today the sun is shining and the sky is blue…oh how I LOVE Colorado! All that fluffy white stuff makes me want to throw on my snow pants, bundle up, and grab my camera!

Golden Retriever under a snowy tree

Our ‘snow today-sun tomorrow’ climate means that if we time it just right we can enjoy a lovely 45 degree day right after a big snowfall. So while the fresh powder doesn’t last long, it’s certainly more fun to play in when you can still feel your fingers. Woman with dog in snow

I’m not sure if its the magic of the sparkling landscape, the fact that it is so fleeting, or just the excitement snow brings out in our four-legged friends but I’ve never been let down by a snow session.

Corgi in snow

From a technical perspective snow days have a couple things going for them. The cooler weather brings out the most excited side of a dog so we get some awesome action.

Bernese Mountain Dog playing in the snow

But the extra work it takes to get through the snow also helps to tire out our super pups so they’re ready to relax when the time is right.Couple snuggling in the snowNot to get too photo geeky on you, but having the whole world become a giant white reflector makes a photographers dream lighting!Husky walking in the snowCan your dog enjoy the snow safely?

  • Traditional snow dogs absolutely must have snow session at some point in life. We’re talking Huskies, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundlands, Akitas, and Elkhounds just to name a few. These guys are most at home on the white stuff and they just look like they belong there.
  • Most med-large breed dogs do ok.
  • Many water loving dogs also love the snow. Like Golden & Labrador Retrievers, who’s long water shedding coats also tolerate snow really well.
  • Really any dog with a decently dense coat will enjoy a romp in the powder
  • We’ll always bring blankets and take breaks to warm up paws & de-snowball bellies, but some dogs still can’t handle the cold.

Are you flexible in your scheduling or willing to drive?

    • Snow in the Denver is often fleeting, dumping a foot over night and then melting off the next day. So rescheduling may be necessary to get the perfect “nice day after a blizzard” timing.
    • Or we can drive to the mountains, where the snow is more predictable but the air temps are cooler.Golden Retriever snuggling with family

They’re also the perfect time to capture those adorable snuggly moments that’ll melt your heart no matter how cold the weather is. 

Dog closeup


Golden Retriever looking for snow
After a late start to our snowfall we seem to be getting back on track, with two big snow storms in the just last couple weeks.
Let’s do it!


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