Chevy the love bug

by Kris Phillips

Lab mix in the grassI first met Zoe & Chevy back in the Spring for a pop up session at City Park. At the time Chevy wasn’t feeling so certain about things. With so much activity at the park he clung to Zoe for comfort. Not a surprising experience since this love bug had a pretty rough introduction to life. 

His original owners had him slated as a bate dog in New Mexico. Fortunately for Chevy, rescue swooped in and caravanned him to the safe & loving arms of his new family. Originally a foster pup, when his first family didn’t work out because of his lack of pedigree (really?) Zoe decided he wouldn’t have to try again and he became a foster fail. Zoe and her best friend Emily became Chevy’s furever family.

Named for the Chevy Camaro, it wasn’t until we let this crazy fast pupper unwind with a little jaunt around the park that he began to realize our outing was all about him having fun. Lab running in park

So when we planned a more snuggly Fall session I knew it would be perfect for Chevy. Much to my surprise he also knew what to expect and was far more excited about exploring the new park and frolicking in the creek. Proof that dog photography is always a surprise, even if you’re working with the same dog!Lab mix in creek

Perhaps he was channeling his inner pelican? Early in his new life he received a stuffed pelican toy with single squeaky fish in its beak. While Chevy didn’t have much use for the bird itself he regularly carries the squeaky fish around with him. 

But of course precious Chevy couldn’t resist the allure of snuggles for very long.Lab by a creek

And if you’re not paying him enough attention  he’ll throw himself on the floor and wriggle around in a toddler-style tantrum. I can’t even imagine anything cuter!
Woman with dog

But don’t let that adorably handsome face fool you. This good boy has a mischievous side, having once snuck into a friends backpack to steal all their Reese’s peanut butter cups.

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