Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Sebastian-The Giving Doodle

by Kris Phillips

I had the joy of meeting 8 month old Sebastian as a result of his fantastic fund-raising efforts in the Colorado Pet Pantry 2022 Calendar Contest. This handsome fellow, along with his human friends and family raised enough money to feed 109 Colorado pets for a WHOLE MONTH!!! An accomplishment which secured him the coveted title of Mr. October.

Golden Doodle at Red Rocks Park

During our mid-heat wave session with Sebastian’s favorite people, Matt & Camdin, we pushed our photo shoot as close to sunset as possible. But didn’t have much trouble finding epic views at Red Rocks park.Couple with dog at Red Rocks Park

Hitting the park on a random Monday meant we got it mostly to ourselves. Which was fantastic since they’re very strict about staying on the trail. While technically still a puppy, Sebastian was super focused and an absolute joy to work with as we explored the trails in search of photo ops. Golden Doodle & owner at Red Rocks Park Colorado

Named for St. Sebastian, Sebbe as he’s lovingly nick-named, came to join his dad Matt during the height of the pandemic. The holy namesake seemed the perfect fit as St. Sebastian is most notably remembered as a protector against the plague.

Goldendoodle with roses

Of course this Sebastian is better known for enjoying the great outdoors. Relaxing in Wash park with his people, bird-watching, and chasing bunnies. Not to mention being super helpful around the house. Whenever it’s time to change the bed-sheets Sebastian does his part by bounding into the middle of the bed when each new layer is added. Perhaps he’s just ensuring there’s no wrinkles that could lead to a sleepless night?

Couple at Red Rocks Park

Once Sebastian has finished up helping with the household chores, he lives up his downtown lifestyle with people-watching and taking selfies at the top of his list. Doggie selfie

When I asked Matt what he loved most about Sebastian this is what he shared, ” Although he doesn’t speak with his mouth, he’s a very emotional and sensitive dog, and I can always tell his mood.  99% of the time, he’s happy and playful! I’ve known a lot of dogs in my life.  This dog is truly a lover and has amazing positive energy.  I feel blessed and lucky to have him!”

In his own words ” I’m happiest when I’m outside, chewing on something, eating, and/or receiving cuddles from my humans. I love my pet friends and am excited that I can help raise money to give to those in need.”

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