Dog Days Of Summer

by Kris Phillips

I don’t know about you but as a lifelong dog lover, I always thought the Dog Days of Summer sounded like the best time of year! I always thought it was called that because Summer’s the time when you get to spend the most time with your dog! With the sun rising so early and setting so late there’s plenty of hours for hiking and going to the lake and all the other fun things we get to do with our dogs. Even for folks stuck at a desk 9-5, there’s still plenty of sunshine left to enjoy the outdoors. 

But the origin of the term is far more celestial than spending time with your pup. The term “Dog Days of Summer” was translated from Latin to English over 500 years ago. And dates back to ancient Roman & Greek poets, there’s even reference in Homer’s The Iliad, composed in the 8th Century BC. You see around this time of year “The Dog Star”, the brightest star in the constellation Sirius aka Canis Majoris, rises along side the Sun. The ancients thought it was the extra light and heat of this second star that made this time of year so miserably hot.

Dog in the SunThe meaning of dog days has changed a bit over time. In ancient times it was believed the miserable heat made dogs more likely to bite people. I gotta tell you after the um-teenth day of sweltering heat, I kinda feel more prone to biting people, lol! In more recent years it’s assumed that dog days refers to the time of year it’s so hot even the dogs can’t do anything more than lay around.
Honestly, I like my interpretation the best.

For me, this year, Dog Days of Summer has meant I got to photograph ALL THE DOGS at the crack of dawn!!! Plus one kitty. Hahaha, believe it or not, I am NOT a morning person. But that early heat wave made me realize that we were going to have to get up pretty darn early to beat the heat of that extra dog star 😉

In fact, this Summer has been so much fun, I’m not booking any more sessions until September. This girls got some catching up to do before Fall sessions sell out. So if you’re dreaming of hoodie and hot cocoa weather with a splash of vibrant Fall foliage now’s the time to lockdown your Fall reservation before everyone else does.

The Dogs Days of Summer are just about over. Technically ending around August 11th. But if you like my version of the meaning of Dog Days of Summer, not to worry, we still have plenty of warm afternoons to enjoy all our favorite dog friendly Summer activities. If you’re looking for some fun ways to get your pup outta the house without turning your poodle into a puddle *hehe…see what I did there?* check out last weeks edition of Paw Prints.

Have Fun & Stay Safe Out There!

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