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Baxter & His Puppy Pals

by Kris Phillips

One of the most fun parts of being a pet photographer is getting to work with folks year after year and see how their families have grown. When I first met Kelsey several years ago, Stanley was her main pup. We enjoyed a lovely Fall afternoon in Lion’s Park playing among the brilliant gold leaves. 

So when Kelsey reached out a few years later about another Fall session I was excited to catch up and meet all the new members of the family, two and four legged.

Kelsey brought Mike, Mike brought Baxter and his brother Adam. And Adam brought Myra. Kelsey & Mike also brought their new adoptions Stark & Dani!

Rescue pups photographed

I had to hand it to sweet senior Baxter. Willing to share his home & his Dad with a whole pack of youngsters.

Baxter may be the one and only time Auto-correct did a good thing, lol. While he was originally named Becker, a name Mike didn’t love, auto-correct turned it to Baxter in a text, and it stuck. This handsome little man like to live life on the edge. Always sampling new cuisine to make up the extra meals dad forgets, like chocolate covered espresso beans for brunch or grapes and chicken wings for second dinner. Jack Russel Terrier at Lake

It took some work for Baxter to find the right person. He was returned to the shelter twice by folks who said he just had too much energy. But then he found Mike. And Mike was perfect! Over the years they’ve seen a lot of good times and bad together. And just to prove Baxter will always be part of his life, Mike had that adorable mug etched as his favorite tattoo.

Baxter says “Nearly thirteen long years ago the shelter took a picture of me wearing a bandana for their website and apparently that won Mike over to give me a forever home. Ever since I came home with Mike I have always been by his side as no one gets in my way, not other dogs, cats, or even his pet snake. Mike never gives me enough to eat so I am forced to find my own brunch, lunch, and second dinner. I am not sure why there are other animals in this house, the puppies are constantly licking the inside of my mouth and trying to play with me, I clearly do not have time for this as I need to lay down in the sun!”

Rescue puppy by lake Dani & Stark are the newest additions to the family. Rescues from a field in TX, they arrived in Colorado with a rough road ahead. Veterinary care for just about every puppy malady. Parvo, giardia, all kinds of worms and even garbage in their bellies. Since finding their way here though, these two have definitely never wanted for food. But sometimes old habits are hard to break. Dani will eat just about anything, including Kelsey’s computer glasses. And Stark broke into the food bin once and ate literally everything that would fit in his belly.

As he lay on the living room floor licking his lips and quite satisfied with himself right up until his bloated tummy warranted a trip to the doggy ER. Adorable antics aside these two are a wonderful addition to the family. Kelsey says Stark is the perfect boy inside. He’s very considerate of everyone around him, expect maybe his sister. He waits for me to walk upstairs first, always wants to be near me without being too clingy, and is just a sweetheart. Name for Game of Thrones for Jon Snow. His personality definitely fits. He can be timid and quiet at times but can also pack a punch.

Rescue puppy by lake

And Dani’s fun to play with! Chasing balls is one of her favorites although she only does that indoors. She loves to play with tennis balls. Her favorite game is to try to put them underneath the dishwasher for some odd reason. Named for Game of Thrones for Daenerys Targaryen. She is small but ferocious. Not often does the runt of the litter beat parvo at 8 weeks old. Her favorite hobbies include tackling her brother, hiding and uncovering balls and toys under blankets, and stalking the bunnies that live under the deck.

Man with dog by lake

Mike’s brother Adam joined in on the fun with his best girl Myra! Myra came to Colorado from New Mexico thanks to some caring fosters who were willing to give sickly pup the chance for a better life. While she was timid at first Adam won her over with an endless supply of belly rubs. Adam says Myra is just the happiest dog ever, she just want to play when she is not napping. She fights so hard to be the center of attention to even pull my arm away from the computer when I am working. She loves when she can be the same level as you when she jumps on the couch or I lay on the floor because she will be right in your face ready to play or cuddle.

Myra says “My owner had to make 2 long drives to adopt me because I was not well the first time he came to meet me.  I was timid at first but he did give me lots of belly rubs which continue to this day.  I am glad I met him because his world revolves around me. He is always bringing me places even though I hate the rides there, but its always worth it.  He does smoother me a bit much but those belly rubs are amazing but hey are the best part of waking up.  I am so lucky to live where I do. There are so many dogs and kids to play with.  Also the snow is amazing here. I would love to play in it all day every day if I could.”

finished print collection

Rescued dogs have so much love to give. I swear it’s like they know how lucky they were the find the right person. While working with so many dogs at once can  be a little crazy, it was so worth it to provide Kelsey, Mike, Adam and their pack of rescues with some fantastic artwork radiating all the love that fills their homes.



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