Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Do You Know Where Your Digitals Are?

by Kris Phillips

Remember those gorgeous photos you had taken a few years ago? The ones that gained more likes & comments than anything else in your feed! the ones that so awesomely captured your dogs quirky personality!

Where are they now? Buried in your social media feed? On a drive in a drawer somewhere? Did they get lost along with your phone?

I do hear from time to time “I just want the digitals.” And to be honest it makes me cringe because I know what happens to digital files. I’m not judging. My own wedding album is still on a disk…somewhere. *Makes a note to finally get that finished*

We all “get the digitals” with the best of intentions. Totally planning to sit down one day and print out our favorites, you know the ones you want to look at every single day. That adorably perfect pic of your pup doing that super cute head tilt. Or that quiet moment of connection caught at just the right time. Or that epic image of your dog majestically overlooking the snow capped Rockies. But then life steps in. And it gets put off until next weekend. And then the next weekend until you can’t even remember where that disk wandered off to.


It’s totally not your fault! With the overwhelming number of print options & labs to choose from, it can be absolutely daunting to even get started. You have to figure out what media you want, and paper type, not to mention where you’re going to put the things you get printed and then hope that they look good.

This is why I don’t just hand my clients a disk of data and wish them luck. Talk about a dis-service! Seriously, what’s the point of investing in quality photography if you’re going to look at it once and never really enjoy it? Talk about a waste of your hard earned money.


This is why I sit down with every single client and collaborate to design the PERFECT collection to fit your space & style. I’ll show you a carefully procured selection of media options that are guaranteed to wow you. And guide you to the right one that will meld beautifully with your home’s existing style. And when we’re finished I’ll deliver & install your new works of art so that’s left for you to do is throw a viewing party to show off to all your jealous friends!

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