Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Bella & her BFF

by Kris Phillips

Golden Shar Pei Rescue in Lakewood Colorado Park

I met Bella and Rachel on a lovely Fall afternoon. We started our adventure at one of my favorite spots, Lions Park in Golden. It wasn’t long after Lions Park had reopened post-lockdown and was bustling with folks just itching for some fun in the sun.

Though still absolutely adorable, within a few shots I could tell Bella wasn’t super comfortable with all these strangers meandering nearby. Though she was sweet as can be when she met anybody one-on-one, the excessive commotion seemed to make it hard for her to relax and enjoy her modelling debut.Golden Shar Pei Rescue dog in Lakewood Park
After trying a few tucked away spots led to an encounter with bees, who were also not thrilled about all the people in their once quiet park, we called an early day and strategized to resume at a less busy location. The following week we met back up at the much quieter Addenbrooke Park in Lakewood. Whether it was the serene lake or flocks of birds, Bella seemed to relax a bit more and enjoy the outing with Mom.

Golden-Shar Pei Mix in Lakewood Park

And her beautiful personality began to shine through. I met Bella & Rachel courtesy of the 2020 Colorado Pet Pantry calendar contest. Adorable Bella was a strong contender who came up just a hair shy of making the calendar. But Mom (Rachel) made sure she still knew what a star we was!

Bella has a wonderful life with her family including a pet cat of her very own. But she wasn’t always so blessed. She had a bit of a rough start in life. If she were to tell you her story it would go something like:

“When I was a puppy I didn’t have a home. One day I wandered onto someone’s farm. For 3 days they tried to find me. I eventually went to Second Chance Animal Rescue in Lamar, CO. I’m a shy girl and it took me a while to find a home… adoption fairs are very busy places.

One day my dream came true when a lady came in and picked me up. She had driven from a place called Denver just to get me! She told me that I would be with her forever and she would love me forever and I would be her puppy and her puppy I would be.

Now I have lived for almost 7 years with my human family, fur brothers, and my cat ( who I am in charge of)! I go running, walking, play with my brothers, sun bathe in the summer, have my own toys (the super squeaky ones are my favorite), and love chicken.

I make sure that my humans know when something important is going on… I am part Shar-pei after all. I am also a Golden girl and love playing and being with people. My most favorite thing is being with my human, Rachel. We go on lots of adventures together! I get the zoomies whenever she comes home from work. It’s the best part of my day! I am living my best doggie life with my dog mom and human/ fur family.

Love, Bella”

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