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Chesty & Gunny

by Kris Phillips


English Bulldog at South Valley Park, Littleton, Colorado

Late last Summer I had the honor of photographing handsome & renowned Dr. O, aka Gunny, and his brother Chesty as a result of his Cover Dog status in the Colorado Pet Pantry inaugural Calendar Photo Contest. This handsome  doggo raised almost $2000 to feed hungry pets with a little help from his family & co-workers at Mainstreet Pediatrics in Parker, Colorado!  I got the chance to interview the industrious superstar and I’m tellin’ ya, he’s well on his way to knocking Tyson Beckford off his supermodel throne.

“My professional name is Dr. O but my friends and family often refer to me as Gunny, Guns, Big Guns, Bro, and Squishy… That’s right, I’m kinda a big deal. I’m an independent contractor at my parent’s pediatric medical practice, Mainstreet Pediatrics in Parker, Colorado. I have a doctorate in awesomeness so it makes sense that I handle most of their public relations and advertising.

When I’m not doctoring, I enjoy long restful naps in my recliner. When my schedule permits, I also run security operations in the backyard. My favorite time to ensure the safety of my house and family from the backyard deck is when the sun is up and there’s a nice gentle breeze. People may think I’m in a deep sleep but actually I’m maintaining a vigilant watch from a static position, this is a trademarked technique of mine.

To maintain my amazing physique and good looks, I really enjoy putting paws to the pavement. I like getting out on the sidewalks and checking my p-mail every chance I get. I’m always up front and setting our pace unless ‘duty calls’ but even then I’m waiting for my people to pick up what I put down so we can get going again. Also, I love being the first to spot and point out all rabbits and other suspicious wildlife on our venture.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me. Stay healthy and stay awesome!

Semper Fidelis,


While Gunny (aka Dr. O) is certainly the front man of the family this handsome boy does occasionally share the spot light, but never the recliner, with his oh so sweet brother, Chesty.

English Bulldog at South Valley Park in LIttleton Colorado

In case you haven’t noticed the theme yet, these handsome boys are a tribute to their dad’s 25 year career as a Marine. Chesty, named for the most decorated Marine in US history and the only Marine to receive 5 navy crosses, Chesty Puller. Gunny was named to honor one of Brian’s best Gunnery Sergeants.

Chesty proved to be quite the supermodel in his own right. His laid back attitude and gentle nature lending beautifully to his co-starring role. Do I sense next years calendar stud on the horizon?

When not on set, these two handsome boys frequent their parents pediatric practice, lending comfort to kiddos who might be nervous about meeting the doctor- aka the best dog-mom, Lorri.

in addition to Gunny’s calendar cover, these two larger than life Bulldogs garnered a one of a kind art installation. That I have to thank Brian’s height for getting installed. When I arrived for the install I had a moment of panic, for the first time ever I found myself just tooooo short for the job at hand. Even with a ladder placing this gorgeous collection was just out of my reach. Lucky for me Brian’s a man of many skills. In addition to being a Marine, a peace officer, and practice manager for Mainstreet Pediatrics he’s also handy with a hammer and tall enough to get this collection perfectly in place.

From the bottom of my heart thank you again Lorri, Brian, Dr. O (aka Gunny) & Chesty for your amazing generosity in support of Colorado Pet Pantry!


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