Iggy, Beaumont & Clovis-The Family That Plays Together

by Kris Phillips

Wow, I truly don’t know what happened to the last half of 2020. But here I sit in February of 2021 trying to catch up on my blog writing. I met Evan, Ellen and their adorable trio clear back in the Summer of 2020, about the time we all thought Covid was winding down. (Boy were we wrong)

The entire session was a birthday surprise that Ellen planned! While that Colorado Summer sun crawled higher  and the day warmed up we were undeterred thanks to the massive shade trees of this wonderful little park. An awesome natural oasis in the heart of Denver.

While every photo session is shoot is fun, these two took playful to a whole new level! We spent some time meandering the park, and rolling in the grass, but the real fun was the playground. It’s not often I get lucky enough to photograph some brazen dogs who love to slide! (Ok, maybe not everyone was excited about going down the slide) I think I knew this fun-loving couple would be an absolute blast to work with when I found out the met volunteering at a Summer Camp for kids.

Ellen, Evan, and their three adorable doggos make sure to enjoy ever bit of fun their down-time has to offer. Really the only way to live when your worktime puts you on the frontlines of a global pandemic. When they’re not sliding down slides they love to hike along clear creek, chase ducks, and really find any excuse to get their paws wet. Beaumont, Clovis, and Iggy that is…Well, I assume. Actually, I don’t know, maybe Evan and Ellen like to chase ducks too, and who doesn’t like to walk in the cool waters of clear creek! I certainly spend a fair share of time ankle deep in that refreshing mountain melt!

Ellen says “Iggy and Beaumont are truly brothers from another mother. They are always looking out for each other. When they got separated at doggie daycare one time they just stayed at the fence staring into each other’s eyes until they were reunited.” 

Clovis, in his own words: “My family calls me Clovis and I grew up on the streets of New Mexico. My mom is pretty sure I was part of a a street gang as I am pretty tough and don’t back down no matter what. I know I am small, stumpy and have some wonky limbs but don’t let that fool you as I am not scared of anything.

I had a few run ins with cars or bikes in my past and have some scars to show for it. Now I like to bark at them just so they know to stay away.

I was found in a parking lot in New Mexico living the feral life and now am living a pretty posh life in Denver with my 2 brothers.  I’ve gotten pretty used to sleeping on the couch, eating potato chips  and I love getting baths and groomed.  I enjoy the finer things but haven’t forgotten where I came from as I am also the protector of all the foster dogs my mom brings home. If my brothers bark at them I defend them as I know what it’s like to be the new kid on the street. ”

Oh yeah, did I mention this amazing couple also finds time in their crazy schedule to foster dogs looking for their furever homes?! I bet Clovis even shares his ball pit with the new puppers.

Since I love to photograph out loud, I was beside myself when Ellen mentioned matching tracksuits…for the whole family! And our photo session took yet another fun turn!

And even more fun was how perfectly their vibrant images fit in the their gorgeous modern/industrial décor!

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