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This Years Pawesome Gift Guide

by Kris Phillips


At the top of my wishlist this year is the long awaited Gibi! Yes the time has finally arrived where we can lojack our dogs. I haven’t had a chance to test it out myself but assuming it works as described this thing is the answer to every pet owners worst nightmare. Simply fit the device to your dogs collar, download the app to your phone and you can locate Fido no matter where he may wander. You can even set up safe zones, like the yard or park, and it will alert you if your pet goes outside those zones. Everything on their website shows it on large dogs, and it does look a little hefty for a cat or small dog, but I’m guessing those are only a matter of time.

collar1Personalized Collar- Tired of being woken up in the middle of the night by jingling tags? Perhaps a personalized collar should be in your pups stocking. With a variety of colors, patterns, and fonts to choose from this accessory is fully customizable.


heardoggieDogs of every size love squeaker toys, usually at every hour. But who could possibly deny they joy on their little faces? Well now you can have both! Hear Doggie has developed a squeaker toy that will elate your dog while saving your sanity.PuppySling Hear Doggies toys squeak above the human hearing range. And they even come in flats without messy stuffing.
Its a big world for little dogs and sometimes they just need to be held. But carrying your little one in your purse is Soooo last year. Now you can keep ’em close to your heart and still have free hands with a Carry Me Momma pet sling. With a variety of patterns and fabrics you can find one to match your pups taste.


I haven’t forgotten about the family feline. The key to getting great kitty shots is coming up with the very best ways to get them excited. I have recently discovered what HAS to be the best cat toy ever made! Dubbed the Feline Flyer, it wont take long to figure out where this toy gets its name. Make figure 8 patterns just above the floor and you’re kitty will get some serious air. Because the toy uses long flight feathers it mimics the flight pattern and sound of an actual bird.

cat shirtFor the cat lover check out the Jackson Galaxy line on The Animal Rescue Site. Even if the cat’s not from Hell there are still some great gifts in this line, and every purchase goes to help less fortunate animals.

And of course if you just have no idea what to get for your closest pet-loving friends, you can’t go wrong with a gift certificate. I, of course, recommend gift certificate from Furever Friends! Just call or email for details.2014-11-23Ellis-0217

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