Bentleys Big Win

by Kris Phillips

I met Bentley and his wonderful people, Jamie & Mark, thanks to their amazing fundraising efforts on the Colorado Pet Pantry Calendar Contest. Bentley was one of our top competitors in the race for the cover! Benny, to his close friends, raised a whopping $1465 to help feed pets in need. With the help of his adoring fans & doting parents, he fed 293 Colorado pets for an entire month! Adorable dog in Washington Park named Bentley

Perhaps he did such an amazing job fund-raising because Bentley knows what it is to wonder where your next meal will come from. Before finding Mark & Jamie he was abandoned on the side of a Texas highway. But won Jamie’s heart from a distance and hitch-hiked his way to the Rockies to be an ambassador for other dogs in need.

Couple kissing in background of dog photo

In his own words: “I had a rough go in the beginning. I was left on the side of the road as a baby for a few days before someone found me. I just wanted someone to love me and have a fun and safe place to call home. My mommy flew me on a plane to where I call home now. I’m so fortunate to have a mommy, daddy, brother, sister and so many other friends and family that adore me. I’m living the dream! ”

Couple kissing their adorable dog.Jamie calls him a “daddy’s boy” and swears long walks with Dad are his very favorite thing in the world.

Dog dad with adorable little dog.I’d say it’s pretty clear this adorable little man steals his momma’s heart just the same.

Dog mom playing ball with sweet dog. Sweet boy Bentley just radiates love! Perhaps that’s why he was named after the car that carried Mark & Jamie both to their first date as well as their trip down the aisle.

Jamie & Mark are also no strangers to fund-raising for animals in need. Their non-profit Racing For Paws assists rescues & shelters around the country. So clearly the competitive spirit runs in the family. Adorable little dog running through park.

They’ve helped out groups like Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue, Front Range German Shepherd Rescue, Denver Animal Shelter, Longmont Humane Society, Big Dogs, Huge Paws Rescue, Denver Dachshund Rescue, Freedom Service Dogs. Outside of Colorado: Lily’s Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary, Perfect Pawprints, Super Paws and Furry Friends rescues.

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