Lucy's Love

by Kris Phillips

Cocker Spaniel with owner at Coot Lake, Boulder, ColoradoSome times a dog comes into your life and you know it will never be the same. For Jen, that dog was Lucy. And Lucy took the long way round to finding her furever person. Almost a decade ago Lucy was running free in the streets of Kansas, scrounging food where she could and just trying to survive.  Cocker Spaniel at Coot Lake in Boulder Colorado“I wasn’t always so good at finding enough because I was really skinny and sick.  One day, as huge black bag swooped me up and off I went to be locked up with all the other dogs.  Sadly, no one came looking for me, so off to Boulder I went.  I had only been there a day when a nice young lady came to meet me.  We went for a walk, then she sat with me for the longest time.  I showed her all my tricks –sit, stay, lie down.  I think she was impressed because the next thing I knew, she was taking me home with her” says Lucy. What was probably her scariest and saddest days eventually lead her to a home with Jen.


Cocker Spaniel in Colorado mountainsIt may have been Lucy’s big floppy ears and giant fluffy paws that originally won her mom over, but these two are peas in a pod. They get each other on every level- both kind and loving but with a feisty side. Lucy’s playful energy can get Jen through even the toughest of times. And when that doesn’t do the trick she’s always up for some popcorn and snuggling.

Cocker Spaniel and owner smilingWhile their photo session was something of a surprise gift we still planned it to the letter. When I mentioned that early morning would be better lighting, I never expected Jen to up the anti and ask about a sunrise photo session. In the moment it sounded like a great plan. One that I only slightly regretting as I hauled out of bed at 4am on session day. But truly, the moment I arrived at Coot Lake and took in the beautiful scenery warmed by soft morning light, I knew we were going to have a wonderful photo shoot.

Cocker spaniel running through fieldJen and Lucy were naturals in front of the camera. And Lucy seemed to very much enjoy romping through the tall grass. We talked, we laughed, we played fetch and rolled in the grass. Overall, not a bad way to spend the first morning hours. Cocker Spaniel at Coot Lake, Boulder Colorado


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