Gizmo's Birthday Surprise

by Kris Phillips

Beautiful Corgi photograph.While a late Winter storm dumped buckets of snow I kept thinking two things…this session is either going to be gorgeous or have to reschedule again because of bad weather. You see the first time we tried together we got blasted by winds so rough I could barely keep my car door open. It took less than 30 seconds for Luke, Megan & I to conclude we should wait for a better day and reschedule for the following weekend. So as I stared out the window watching the snow pour down I just kept hoping for one of Colorado’s trademark after blizzard perfect days.

Happy Corgi laying in the deep snow.Welp, we weren’t disappointed! Megan, Luke, Gizmo and I arrived at Lions Park bright and early and were greeted by an endless sea of sparkling undisturbed snow. It felt like nature’s apology for the previous weekends miserable winds.  Corgi playing in the snow while her Mom watches.I absolutely love when I get the chance to photograph in the snow! But with it here today and gone tomorrow, on the fly scheduling can be a little tricky.

Corgi charging through the snow in Golden Colorado park. The weather was perfect for frolicking in the undisturbed powder. And Gizmo wasted no time at all charging ahead. Despite having the shortest legs in our group the plucky Corgi seemed unfazed by the snow that was taller than her.Corgi plowing through the snow. At time I was reminded of an old Bugs Bunny cartoon as she’d bury her face in the snow and plow ahead, leaving just a lump of disturbed snow to show where she’d been.

Pet parents kissing their Corgi.It didn’t take long at all to feel the love Luke & Megan have for their 10 year wise Corgi. Gizmo would spend some time charging through the snow before being hoisted up for belly rubs & snow ball checks. With Luke carrying her from location to location in the vast park. Cute Corgi held by her person. But Gizmo wasn’t born into this lap of luxury. She started out with a family that had two other dogs, two cats, and SIX people! Gizmo much prefers being the center of attention and the third leg of her family tripod. Who could blame her, with awesome games to play like indoor fetch. And all her favorite treats all to herself.

Colorado family enjoying a snow day. Gizmo’s also one smart pup. She’s loving and intuitive and did a great job training her parents. When I met her I couldn’t believe we were celebrating her 10th birthday! This pawesome girl doesn’t seem a day over 4.Adorable Corgi at Clear Creek in Golden Colorado in the snow. But Dad says she’s getting more wily with age. In fact, if she has to go potty and the grass is wet, this sneaky pup will watch the window to see if her people are looking. And if they aren’t, she’ll skip it all together and ask to come right back inside.

Corgi with her person in the snow.

Gizmo & her family enjoyed some time frolicking in the snow, and cuddling on a fluffy blanket, and taking in the scenic mountain view. Couple snuggling with their dog enjoying a scenic mountain view in Golden Colorado.But I had one more surprise for them before wrapping up our session.Since the whole session was planned to celebrate Gizmo’s 10th birthday it wouldn’t have been complete without a birthday cake! Corgi eating her birthday cake.

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