Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Little Denver in the Big City

by Kris Phillips

Black lab puppy in the snowIt had been a long week of wondering and worrying if the impending Winter storm would stay on schedule or bury my weekends photos sessions. I was elated when I got up that Saturday morning to find a world blanketed in shimmering new snow highlighted by clear blue skies and a warm shining sun.

Dog mom with her puppy at City Park in Denver.When Rosy & I planned her session  she had just moved to town and shared with me that she didn’t know the area well but was already in love with Denver & the lifestyle we all share. So it seemed only fitting to plan her photo session for the iconic City Park.

Puppy with toy monkeyIn fact the recent Boston transplant enjoyed her new city so much, Denver was the obvious name for the tiny pup that also captured her heart.

Joyful dog-mom with her new puppy

When I met Rosy on the surprisingly warm Winter afternoon she had little Denver wrapped up snugly in her favorite blanky. The little pup wriggled and squirmed, eager to to explore her new environment. So off we went, with little Denver sporting her adorable bomber jacket.

Puppy in cute jacket running in the snowIn between romps in the snow joyful Denver would settle for just a moment to snuggle up to her momma and warm her little toes before dashing off to see what new adventure might be just ahead.

Dog-mom cuddling puppy


One of the secrets to pet photography is that you have to take your shots from a dogs eye level. Which can be a little tricky when your puppy is only 8 inches tall, and sinking in the snow. So there I was laying on my stomach photographing Rosy & Denver playing tag when Denver so the perfect opportunity for a new game. cute puppy attacks photographerShe charged right over and attacked my hair with all the ferocity a 10 week old puppy can muster. Oh, the tough life of a pet photographer, lol. I could barely stop laughing enough to keep from dropping my camera in the snow & Rosy was kind enough to play behind-the-scenes photographer for just a moment and capture the hilarity. Watching the sunset with puppy in Denver Colorado

The absolute love and joy that Denver & Rosy bring to each other is undeniable and I feel so blessed to have had the chance to meet and capture the first days of their amazing bond. Puppy owner enjoys newly installed artwork featuring her puppy.

When I last got to visit Rosy & Denver it was to install the StoryBoard from our session. I couldn’t believe how much Denver had grown is just a few weeks! Before we’d even finished our first session, Rosy was already planning our next session for Denver’s 6 month birthday.

I can’t wait to see how big she is then!

Know a little puppy who’s ready for a big adventure? Let’s get together! I’m currently booking sessions for the beginning of Summer- starting June 1st.

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