7 Images Every Pet Parent Must Have

by Kris Phillips

Life with a dog brings a million unforgettable moments. They charge into our lives, turn our world upside down, and before long we can’t imagine life any other way. And while we’re all guilty of dozens of “oh god your so cute when you’re sleeping” photos on our cell phones, there are a few other key images every pet parent HAS to have.

1)Puppy Pictures/ Adoption Photos.

Bringing a new family member into your home is such a special and momentous occasion. After a few years, when that pup feels like they’ve always been a part of your life it’s going to be really wonderful to peek back at those old photos and remember all the fun, awkward, heartwarming moments that started it all. Puppies grow insanely fast so start early. And even if you’ve adopted an older dog you’ll be amazed to look back over the years and see how they’ve transformed  from that awkward & unsure shelter dog, into a loving & grateful member of the family.

2) An image that reflects their favorite activity or toy.

Our dogs toys & favorite games are an intrinsic part of who they are & that’s something you’ll want to always remember.

3) An image that shows your connection.

Because let’s be honest, the connection we have to our dogs is unlike any other. It’s difficult to describe and impossible to deny.

4) An awesome action shot!

If your dogs an action superstar this shot will remind you of all his crazy antics. And if he’s not it’ll be proof that on occasion your lazy boy finds a wild hair.

A Corgi getting ready to eat a dog cake.

5) A Barkday Pawty Cake Smash!

Whether it’s your dog’s 1st birthday or their 10th, a celebration is in order and there’s nothing more fun than a cake smash! If you don’t know your dogs birthday celebrate their “Gotcha Day” the day they joined your family.

Corgi sitting by a creek in Golden Colorado.6) An epic scene worthy of a wall hanging. 

Your dog’s larger than life personality deserves to be represented on a grand scale.

7) Your Dog’s Legacy

There comes a time in every dog’s life when they start to slow down & turn gray. When their eyes reflect the wisdom of their years more than youthful exuberance. When a lifetime of experience has transformed them into the dog they were always meant to be. These photos are the most precious because they capture the time when your dog has been by your side the longest. 

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