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Staying Happy, Healthy and Productive at Home.

by Kris Phillips

For some lucky folks working from home is nothing new, but many of us find ourselves faced with unexpected challenges as we suddenly try to do EVERYTHING from our living rooms. Distraction abounds! Whether it’s kids, dogs, or just the latest Facebook notification binging every 5 seconds. What began as a novelty may be quickly wearing thin.

As one who mostly works from home I want to share with you some of my favorites way to stay happy, healthy, and sane….oh yeah and productive too.

Home office with dogs sleepingSet yourself up for success!

  • Create a designated work space. Preferably in a room with minimal distractions where you can close the door if you need to concentrate.
  • Open the windows to let some sunshine and fresh air in. Letting the light in will help keep your body on a natural wake/sleep cycle. Sunlight and fresh air will also improve your mood & outlook on life.
  • Consider you ambiance. I prefer to play upbeat instrumental music while working. And I have an essential oil diffuser in my work space as well. My scent of choice when my brain needs to work? Lemon & Eucalyptus.

Create a daily schedule.

  • And stick to it!
  • I prefer to make my schedule the night before. That way, when I wake up in the morning I know exactly what I need to get accomplished. Otherwise I’ll spend a lot of time staring at my computer waiting for my coffee to kick in & come up with a plan.
  • Include both your personal & work tasks on your schedule.
  • Be sure to include time for self care & physical activity.
  • Consider walking the dog both at the start of your day and mid-day.
  • This will get your blood pumping & improve focus plus, that sweet pup might be more willing to nap on the couch while you work.

Speaking of that adorable doggo distraction.

  • Designating time for walks & time for play is a great way to keep yourself on task without the guilt.
  • Great ways to keep your dog out of your hair when you need to focus:
    • Puzzle toys, bones, antlers, dental chews.
    • You can fill Kongs or hallow bones with all kind of goodies: In fact Kong has an entire page dedicated to recipes.
  • Sometimes you just have to embrace the crazy! Now that the weather’s warming up I love to take my workouts outside, and Floki always wants to play. Usually that just means bringing me the ball to throw, but sometimes he makes for a great challenge.

If you’re an essential worker, working outside the home, now more than ever you NEED to set aside some time for self care. Schedule it, plan it, do it. Whether it’s a hot bath at the end of a long day, or a quick jog around the block. Make time to recover.

An outdoor bath with essential oils for relaxation

Not able to work at all? Now’s a great time to stop your Netflix binge and learn something awesome! Take up a new hobby, plant a garden, or if you’re like me…learn more about your current trade so you’ll be two steps ahead when it’s time to get back to it!

Yup, I’ve been glued to my laptop learning about new shooting & editing techniques that I can’t wait to implement just as soon as the stay at home order is lifted!

Now is a great time to start planning for the future!

I’m currently accepting bookings for the middle of May with cautious optimism that we’ll be released soon.

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