Quaran-time: making the most out of it.

by Kris Phillips

We’re living in some uncertain times to say the least. Whether you’re laid off all-together or just working from home, you’ve probably got some extra time on your hands sans commute.

You probably spent a fair portion of that extra time last week standing in line for TP, checking in on your loved ones, binge-watching Netflix, endlessly scrolling social media, and possibly sitting in the corner rocking & stress-eating. Unless you’re in the health care industry and you don’t even know what day it is.  If you’re a health care working, let me briefly say-you’re amazing and we appreciate all that you’re doing to get us thru. Also, you probably wont find much use for the rest of this email.

So what am I getting at? You could absolutely keep doing what you’re doing. But, if you want to make the most out of the extra free time on your hands, here’s a few ideas to get you going. You probably wont even have to leave the house. Feel free to pass these along.

Being a photographer comes with a life of financial uncertainty. Some months I’m so busy I barely come up for air, and other months I’m sending myself test-emails to make sure the system is still working. I’ve learned over the years that the best way to cope with times of scarcity is to make the most of it. Spend the down-time doing all the things I never get time to do when my schedule is packed.

Finding ways to be productive now will not only ease the anxiety you’re feeling, but will also leave you feeling triumphant on the other side of this.

During my photo sessions I make it a mission to keep my clients laughing even when their dogs are trying their patience. I believe deep in my heart that even the most difficult situations can be improved if you can shift your focus.

And while I wont be shooting any photo sessions for a few weeks I’m hoping I can still be of service in helping you shift your focus. I’ll continue posting silly videos, light-hearted stories, and pictures of dogs. Not because I think the current situation should be taken lightly, but because I think the world needs a little light brought into a very dark time.

Feel free to pass along.
If you’d like some more pretty pictures or fun stories check out my blog.
Wishing you & your family health, wealth, and joy!
***Cue gratuitous adorable puppy picture:


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