Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

The Story of Noah

by Kris Phillips

I met Grace & Noah on a wonderful warm afternoon last Fall. (Yes, I am THAT far behind on blogging my featured sessions.) Like his biblical name-sake Noah found Grace at a time when it felt like the tides of life would surely drown her. Personal loss piled on top of personal loss. And somehow, amidst the rising waters in came a beautiful dog who loved boats and swimming, and most of all loved Grace.

“He really became my anchor and helped me through a difficult time. He has an old soul and almost all animals love him. So Noah, seems to fit him well.”

Noah & Grace have a lot in common, they both love all the best things in life; camping, hiking, swimming, cuddling, and cheese. 

Like most Labs, Noah can’t resist a tennis ball and a body of water. Though a good lap is also quite tempting.

Noah’s Story:

“I came to Colorado from Texas to be a service dog. While it’s a noble profession, I had a bit of wild side and didn’t make it through school. I dug myself out of my kennel, went for a swim and was tromping through a field when they finally found me! No regrets. Very soon after my friend Laura introduced me to Grace. She was cool, but I was trying to find a grasshopper and she didn’t come with any treats. I’ll admit, I was a bit shocked and scared when they loaded me into Grace’s car and we drove off. I remember just staring at her in the kitchen wondering, what am I doing here? Who is she? But soon after, I realized, she is my person. We went to the park every morning to play fetch and practice our new tricks and commands. She took me swimming and camping. She cared for me when I was sick. Everyone once in a while she slips me a french fry, and she always has a dog treat for me. My favorite times with Grace are sitting on the balcony watching the neighbor dogs go by while she does her homework. Or swimming in Grand lake with her looking for tennis balls. I think she is pretty lucky to have me. Who would gently wake her up in the morning? Who would be her assistant chef? Who would make sure she doesn’t have to go for a hike alone? These are pretty important jobs. And sometimes, I think, I am pretty lucky to have her too.”


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