Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

The Most_____ Dog

by Kris Phillips

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who’s the doggiest of them all?

While I can’t answer that I did do some research to find out which breeds are known to be the most.

Most Intelligent-Border Collie. According to Pets.webmd the smartest breeds are able to learn commands in 5 reps or less and responded properly to them 95% of the time. A quick web search will reveal an abundance of awesome Border Collies doing great tricks. Bred to work sheep they are highly motivated and unending workers. Just don’t forget that quick mind absolutely HAS to be kept busy or they will definitely find ways to entertain themselves, ways that might not be as appreciated as fetching a beer from the fridge or making your bed.

Most Obedient– Dobermans were originally bred as protection dogs for tax collectors. They’re still known for their protective instincts and ability to judge who’s a friend and who means trouble. This is a super smart, serious, and sensitive dog.

Most Stubborn-Akita. Originally bred to guard the royalty of feudal Japan Akitas are fiercely loyal and unlikely to back down from a challenge. They were also used in hunting wild boar and black bears. These loyal, affectionate, fearless & strong-willed dogs can make great family dogs with a skilled trainer at the helm. Their headstrong personality can easily overwhelm a novice pet parent. Because of their history as protection dogs they must be well-socialized to be good members of doggy society.

Most Expensive-English Bulldog, Unless you happen upon an English Bulldog at the shelter you can expect a four digit purchase price. Which no doubt has to do with the fact that they are rarely able to deliver their own pups, usually c-section is required. Plus, bulldogs are prone to a variety of health problems. From their short faces causing breathing difficulties, to their tendency toward skin problems, to their likeliness to develop hip dysplasia; your vet bills could easily rival your kids college fund. why would anyone invest in a bulldog? They also hold another title- best family dog! Their hefty compact structure and tolerant, laid-back attitude make them excellent with small children.

Most Loyal, German Shepherd. Commonly used as police, military, and protection dogs, its hard to dispute the German Shepherds’ loyalty. They are intelligent, hard-working, and protective. German Shepherds are great dogs but definitely not for everyone. They require consistent handling to keep their high energy from getting them into trouble.

Fastest-Greyhound. No surprise here. Clocking speeds up to 45 mph, the greyhound is the second fastest land animal, only to be out done by a cat! -the cheetah is faster with sprint speeds up to 65 mph. To put things in perspective your average Thoroughbred racehorse tops out around 35mph. One of the most ancient breeds, they likely originated in Egypt and graced the court of queens from Cleopatra to Elizabeth I of England. While modern-day Greyhounds are capable of serious speed they are known to be couch potatoes at heart.**Leo (pictured) is not a Greyhound, but he’s got such excellent running form he makes a good stand-in. **

Most Endurance-Rhodesian Ridgeback/ Alaskan Malamute. There seems to be some dissension on this one. The Ridgeback is a powerful, enduring dog, originally bred to hunt lions in Africa. It’s no doubt these guys have some serious endurance, and can tolerate long stretches even in hot conditions. Though, I have a hard time holding that up against the job of hauling a 300lb sled for miles over the frozen tundra. While a bit slower than their Siberian cousins, Malamutes combine insane strength with unending energy. They make great running partners as long as you don’t mind finding hair everywhere from your furniture to your dinner plate. So I suppose the question is: will you be running hot or cold? *Pictured: Siberian Husky, the slightly smaller cousin to the Alaskan Malamute.

But to answer the question of “which dog is the best one of all?” Well, of course it’s the one snuggled up at the foot of your bed!

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