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How to Create the Perfect Pup Present in 3 easy steps

by Kris Phillips

Don’t forget the DOG!!!

This is the time of year where there never seems to be enough time. As you prepare for all your holiday parties and gift exchanges with friends and family, don’t leave out the cutest member of the family!

Including the dog your gift giving plan can show that you recognize just how important their furry ones are to the family.

A cute doggy sweater or new toy could be the perfect pup present. But what if you’re short on time (or funds)? This is also a wonderfully thoughtful gift if you’re a dog walker or groomer and  have LOTS of doggies to gift to. With just a few supplies you probably already have around the house you can DIY a thoughtful gift that even the most spoiled canines will do backflips for!

Step 1: Round up all the goodies.

What you’ll need:

  • Empty cookie tin
  • Colorful Wax paper
  • Variety of dog cookies & treats
  • A small toy (optional)
  • A bow

I like to include treats of different sizes and flavors just to give your gift some variety and visual interest. If you have some extra time to plan head to your local barkery, or boutique pet store to pick up a variety of fresh made goodies. Or, if you’re handy in the kitchen bake up some fresh made doggy-goodies.

Step 2: Load up your cookie tin!

Start with the colorful wax paper. I use wax coated basket paper, the kind used to put between french fries and those little plastic baskets. But you could use regular wax paper or a colorful cloth napkin. Then load up your goodies. Start with the larger items, then the medium goodies, and fill in the gaps with some smaller cookies. 

Step 3: Wrap it up.

Fold in the corners of your wax paper or napkin. Put the lid on your tin. And top it with a big bow.

From my fur-family to yours Happy Howlidays!!!

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