Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Yoga Dog Project Book Release

by Kris Phillips

  • It’s been over a year in the making.
  • Dozens of beautiful yogis and wonderful dogs of all shapes, sizes, and skill-levels photographed.
  • Hundreds of hours at the computer processing images, creating and re-creating the final layout.
  • Not to mention countless headaches and stumbles learning how complicated book publishing can be – including a last minute snag on the release date.
  • With the help and generosity of some amazing Kickstarter backers
The YOGA DOG PROJECT is finally live!!!
(just in time for holiday gifting)

From start to finish this project has been a wonderfully humbling experience.

It started with challenging weather that dumped snow to freeze yogi toes & dog bottoms, wind so hard it knocked yogis out of their poses, and heavy clouds that drown out the sun. But that nasty weather also gave us some dramatic lighting with those heavy clouds as well as picturesque frozen landscapes.

For a time in the middle, as I struggled to learn the ins & outs of publishing, not to mention scrambled to come up with seed money, I really questioned whether this project would ever make it to the light of day. But thanks to the amazing people who backed the crowdfunding campaign I was able to get the 1st edition printed and also the distribution fees.

So it seems only fitting that at the 11th hour a bizarre snafu pushed the release date for the major retailers beyond Christmas. When I found out yesterday I broke down and cried, like ugly cried.
Before now I never understood how someone could call a book their baby. But as I sat there staring in disbelief at my computer screen at Amazons “December 30th” release date, I felt like all the hard work and everyone’s faith in me was lost. To miss the holiday giving season by just a few days…I couldn’t believe it. Several frantic phone calls later and I found out the book can be ordered directly from the distributor, Book Baby…without delay! So you can have it in time for holiday gifting to your favorite yogi/dog-mom.

4 Ways to get your copy of the Yoga Dog Project:
I still have a few extra copies of the large 10″X 10″ 1st edition, signed by yours truly, message/email me for details.

The 2nd edition is available online:
Get it in time for Christmas by ordering directly from my distributor (available now):

Be one of the first 25 people to order through Book Baby and save 15% with coupon code: TEYXJS

Barnes & Noble has a pre-sale discount ( Released Dec 30th)






Or you can order on Amazon which also releases December 30th

This has really been a dream come true and I know I will never be able to thank all the amazing people who contributed to bring The Yoga Dog Project to life.


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