Zeus on Mount Olympus...almost

by Kris Phillips

Dog named Zeus on top of Table Mountain near Golden, ColoradoWhat better place to photograph a bounding, bold, Yellow Labrador named Zeus than atop Mount Olympus?! Except that, of course, Greece is a bit out of my service area! So we made due with a slightly smaller, much closer mountain top for Nanci & Zeus’ Yoga Dog Session.

Despite being one of the first to sign up to be a part of the Yoga Dog Project, Nanic & Zeus ended up being one of last few to be photographed. Bad weather and illness seemed to just keep getting in the way of our planned trek to the top of Table Mountain, just outside Golden, Colorado.

In looking for locations that might work well for the Yoga Dog Project, I knew I had to find a spot with great elevation. Nanci and I chose Table Mountain partly for it’s beauty, partly because it was the most Northern location on my list, and partly because she hoped the strenuous, though short, hike up the hill would give energetic Zeus a chance to burn off his extra energy.

Dog and owner enjoying the view on Table Mountain near Golden, ColoradoOur scheduled afternoon finally arrived with warm sunshine and a brisk breeze. It was really perfect weather for hiking. On our way up the hill we chatted about her work in social media and her life with Zeus. Taking occasional breaks to take in the breathtaking view.

When she first met Zeus, Nanci had a long list of names for him. She quickly narrowed it down to Zeus, Luke, or Chief. It’s funny, having met Zeus, it’s hard to imagine him with any other name. If fits him so perfectly. And I guess he thought so too. Over their first few days together Nanci tried out all three, and Zeus was what he responded to the most. He just knows how handsome he is!

Yellow Lab mix with owner with Rocky Mountains in backgroundAnd like the Greek God he’s named for, Zeus does occasionally get into mischief. He’s a tall boy and put those long legs to use when Nanci’s Mom left a newly decorated cake momentarily unattended on the kitchen counter. He ate nearly a quarter of it before getting busted. But really, who could blame him? I’ll be it was delicious!

His real love in life, aside from his Mom, is hiking. He’s so perfectly built for long treks. The minute Nanci gets out her hiking shoes or backpack, Zeus knows they’re getting ready for adventure and begins to dance around. And he wont settle until they reach the trail head.

Nanci & Zeus were so much fun to photograph. And it was a nice change of pace to have the warm sun on our backs. Though I couldn’t believe when it actually started snowing on us. This was the wildest Spring I’ve seen since coming to Denver!

I was elated by big rolling clouds that moved across our mountain backdrop. Though, it felt at times they were playing games with us. Just as I’d get Nanci line up to highlight her form, the clouds would shift enough that one of us would have to chance positions. I think if I’d rolled around any more on the Mesa I’d have fallen off of it!

Her form was absolutely beautiful and her connection to Zeus just radiates from her images.

The Yoga Dog Project book is in the final phase and will go to print as soon as the first run is funded through Kickstarter.

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