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How to plan the best doggy b-day EVER!!!

by Kris Phillips

Dog with birthday cakeWhether you know your dogs actual birthday, make one up, or celebrate their “gotcha” day you might be at a loss for how to best commemorate the day your best friend joined the world. Whether you have a whole crowd to celebrate with or it’s just you and your best buddy I’ve got some great tips to make it a very special day!Pack of Dogs Running in the Mountains

Plan a backyard party- Dogs are social animals so why not round up all his doggy buddies for an afternoon of fun.

  • Call up all your fellow dog-moms and enjoy a backyard BBQ.
  • A quick Amazon search will offer up all kinds of dog themed party supplies
  • Pick up some paw or bone themed ice cube trays.
  • Serve dog themed cocktails. BTW- Tito’s Handmade Vodka does amazing things for the canine community, and it’s pretty dang tasty too!
  • A kiddie pool for the pups to splash in. And even bob for biscuits.
  • Treat  your four-legged guests and the birthday pup to some dog-friendly burgers. Just remember to skip any seasoning. The standard burger goodies can upset your dog’s stomach. You might also consider some turkey burgers for dogs with sensitive tummys.
  • Complete the pawty with some home-made biscuits.

Dog getting kissesPuppy Pampering- If you’re reading this, odds are your dog is already pretty spoiled, but you can still take it up a notch. ;)

  • Spa Day– Go all in at the groomer with all the extra goodies.
  • Schedule a massage or reiki session for your dog.
  • Head to your favorite local pet store and let him pick out his own gifts.
  • Buy or Bake a cake! Nothing says celebration like cake- so why not reach out to your local barkery and order a very special cake for your pups very special day.

Golden Retriever splashing through the water

Some YOU time- What your dog wants most in the world is time with YOU. So celebrate his special day by spending some un-distracted time together doing his favorite activities.

Woman and dog sitting in the park by a pond

  • Go for a drive in the mountains.
  • Take a hike together to one of his favorite spots.
  • Even a long walk- and this time let him just sniff every. single. tree.
  • Go swimming or paddle-boardingWoman playing fetch with her dog
  • Play fetch until he’s done.
  • Grab a blanket and sit in the grass watching the squirrels and geese go by.
  • Find some big adventures to scratch off Your Dogs Bucket List

Two dogs overlooking mountains

Pawfect Pictures- What better time to plan a pawesome photo session for your pup?!

  • The best part about being a dog, is you can do a cake smash at any age!
  • A Furever Friends birthday session now comes complete with a complimentary doggy cake to demolish!

Dog eating birthday cake

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