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Oscar's Unexpected Adventures

by Kris Phillips

Dachshund photographed with owner in Denver City ParkI met up with Angie & Oscar on a warm Spring afternoon in Downtown Denver’s ever popular City Park. The sun was shining through scattered clouds and the flowers in bloom. It made for the perfect setting to highlight Oscar’s sweet disposition and regal features.

Dachshund running in the grass in Denver City ParkOscar has been Angie’s fur-baby for over a decade and a half! He’s an older fellow so when Angie told me what she really wanted from our session was a beautiful photo of her sweet senior dachshund relaxing in the grass contentedly, I though “piece of cake!” For a lot of senior dog sessions that’s about all the dog is interested in doing. Just relaxing.

Dachshund chasing geese in Denver City Park

But Mr. Oscar is a spy little old man and surprised me with a propensity for action shots! His active sniffer found all sorts of fun at the Denver Park! From diving into my treat bag to chasing some flighty geese as fast as his little Doxie legs would carry him, Oscar kept us giggling and made it an entertaining afternoon. His inner daredevil even sent him flying off a park bench in pursuit of the cookie I was holding over the camera!

Woman with dachshund by City Park Lake

Of course he also took some time out to give his beautiful momma big snuggles. And when he was ready, and with a little coaxing, even found time to relax in the grass for that one perfect shot. Dachshund relaxing in the grass

Sweet Oscar’s a renaissance dog. Whether he’s enjoying the view from his posh Downtown Denver high-rise or sprinting through the fields of his Nebraska farmhouse in pursuit of birds, you can be he’ll never be far from Angie’s side. Folio Box with dog and owner

All and all I had an absolute blast photographing Oscar the Renaissance dog! And it warms my heart to know that whatever adventures lie ahead, Oscar’s Mom has a collection of wonderful photos to commemorate his City Park antics. Client review

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