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5 Sneaky Tricks to Drink More Water

by Kris Phillips

“Water is Life”- We’ve all heard it a million times. And while you can’t really argue with the sentiment it still seems to be almost impossible to drink the doctor recommended eight, 8oz glasses of water a day. That’s a HALF GALLON!!!

With Summer temperatures soaring it’s only getting more important for you & your pets to stay hydrated.

But let’s be honest, water is boring! So it might take a little creativity to convince yourself to down that oh-so-good-for-you refreshment. I’ve put together a few sneaky ways to trick yourself into drinking all that H2O. Complete with a handy graphic you can save to your phone or share with your dehydrated loved ones.

  • Retail therapy– Go buy yourself a snazzy new water bottle, and you’ll be more eager to use it/show it off.
  • Make it a smart bottle– not only will it track how much water you drink, but send you reminders to drink more.
  • Designated Drinking-Down a glass when you first wake up and before bed and with every meal.
  • Add some flavor– lemons, berries, or cucumbers are a great way to liven up that boring beverage.
  • Make it sparkle!!!¬†Sparkling water is a great alternative to soda, you get all the bubbles without the sugar

And because you’re not the only one in the house who might not be getting enough to drink I even have some sneaky ways to trick your dog into drinking more water!

  • Clean & refill the water bowl frequently
  • Ice is nice- lot’s of dogs LOVE ice and will drink more if they have to bob for ice cubes.
  • Some dogs like fruit- Blueberries and watermelon floating in the water may encourage them to drink more too, just be sure it’s seedless and without the rind.
  • Add water to their food bowl. Even if you feed dry kibble, your dog will probably down the water along with it.
  • Consider a fountain style bowl that cycles the water constantly. Some pets find moving water more appealing.

 Cheers to all the health benefits of water!!!


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