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Trail Review: Panorama Point Trail

by Kris Phillips

If you’re looking for an epic view without too much trouble Panorama Point Trail may be the perfect spot for you! It’s one of my favorite hiking trails because of it’s proximity to town. It can be hard to make time for a full day’s outing. So if you’ve only got a few hours and just need some fresh air this is a great one.

You’ll head up into the mountains past Morrison. Corwina Park is well marked and you’ll cross over a short, narrow bridge to get to the small parking area. I recommend going early, or on off-days since the lot only holds maybe 8-10 cars. Though there is a slightly larger lot on the other side of the highway.

Panorama Point Trail heads directly into the woods along a babbling brook. It’s almost like entering a fairyland during certain times of the year. After a bit of a steep climb through the woods, the trail opens out onto meadows where you’ll often find deer and wildflowers. It also intercepts Bear Creek trail as you continue your climb. 

Following the trail markers will lead you to yet another steep climb before you reach the end of the trail-Panorama Point. You’ll know when you get there because there’s almost always a few other hikers sitting on the boulders enjoying the view. 

While the trail is a relatively short 2.5 miles out and back, it does get steep in places making it moderately difficult. It’s also heavily shaded which makes it an awesome trail just about any time of year there isn’t snow on the ground. I’ve done this trial when it’s frozen and would only recommend it if you have Yak-traks or other proper snow/ice footwear.

During Spring-Fall and even into Winter Panorama Point is a wonderful trail when you just need a short escape from the city.

If you fancy a longer outing you can also start at O’Fallon Park, just a couple miles up the road, right before you get to Kittridge. From O’fallon, you’ll take the Bear Creek Cutoff, to the Bear Creek Trail, and onto Panorama Point. This will add a gently sloping 3 miles to your whole trip. And is great for trail runners. Just keep a lookout for those bicycles. They’re not allowed on the Panorama Point trail, but frequent Bear Creek trail.

There are also lots of large trees if you happen to bring a hammock. It’s the perfect spot for some quiet contemplation while you rock in the gentle breeze.

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