Family Fun in Cheyenne!

by Kris Phillips

I met Kristi a few years ago when Bailey was a bit younger. We spent a lovely Fall afternoon at one of my favorite Golden Colorado park- Lions Park. Several of her photos from that session became my favorites, and still rotate through my portfolio collection. When I recently reposed one of her old photos as part of a new blog Kristi reached out to let me know a good bit of life has happened since then. She’d since moved to Wyoming, married a wonderful man, lost one of her sweet dogs, added two more, and also had a beautiful little girl who we’ll call Ms. B. When she asked if I’d ever consider coming up to Wyoming to photograph her growing family, I only paused long enough to calculate the gas to get my big truck up there. OF COURSE!!! I love Wyoming, and as luck would have it, found another beautiful Lions Park right in the heart of Cheyenne. 

Catching up to Kristi waiting on a park bench with all the doggos felt like meeting up with an old friend. We chatted a bit about what the goals were for the session.

Bailey’s 14, and starting to slow down, so I knew he’d be a focal point. Also, Ms. B just turned 3! And they’d never really done engagement photos. Whew, that’s a lot to pack in to one session, I thought… no pressure :)

But Kristi & Kurt made our session an absolute blast with their laid back personalities and ability to laugh at the chaos that inertly comes with trying to photograph 3 dogs AND a toddler.

I’ll admit I always get a little twingy when it comes to photographing little’uns. Dogs are easily won over with belly rubs and jerky treats. Young kiddos either want their picture taken or they don’t, and if they don’t- no force on Earth can convince them to cooperate. But Ms. B. was an absolute doll! 

Not only did she have an amazing smile for me at every turn, but big hugs for the doggos and even helped out when it was time for her parents coupley pics.

Though the dogs seemed to be much more excited by the fish jumping in the lake. 

Bailey found Kristi when he was just six weeks old. And he’s spent his life protecting her. When I asked Kristi about Bailey’s story I was moved to tears. “I got bailey when he was 6 weeks old. I was married at the time. In an abusive marriage. My husband at the time tried to kill me…it was a moment of rage. Bailey jumped in and stopped him. I truly feel he is my guardian angel. I have a B on my back with angel wings for my sweet boy. Sadly that wasn’t my last abusive relationship. Bailey has gotten me through it all. He’s getting tired now and I know he knows I’m safe and happy now. That Kurt will take care of me…💙🌈. Hoping he’s with us many more years but his body is getting tired. We will love him and comfort him until he’s ready to say goodbye.” 

It wouldn’t be a Spring photo session without a walk through the tulips and a roll in the grass. 

“Yuna rescued Kurt when he was single. When he picked her out at the shelter she chose him. They are so cute together and I think it’s been a huge adjustment for her with us moving in on her daddy and in her home. She is such a sweet girl.”

Sweet Lulu is the newest addition to the family. We lost our Saint Bernard ruby almost 2 years ago. We knew we needed another dog to fill our family. I fostered with BDHP and we had adopted ruby from them so we knew we wanted to adopt from them again. Lulu showed up in the rescue and Kurt and I knew it was meant to be.
All of our furbabys have rescued us and give us more love then we could ever give them. Pure loyalty and unconditional love. We are so grateful to have B. growing up with HER puppys🌈💙💜❤️

Being a photographer means so much more than just running a camera. It’s about capturing moments in the life of a family. And I feel truly honored to create beautiful one of a kind collections for the families I get to work with. ❤️


*Bailey crossed the rainbow bridge just a few weeks after our session. My thoughts and deepest sympathies are with his family in this difficult time. I’m so honored to have been able to provide them with beautiful images to carry on his legacy of love.




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