Luna's Stars Align

by Kris Phillips

Luna took a little while to find the right family. Or maybe she was just making her way to Mara the whole time. Originally from South Padre Island, she was shipped out to Colorado after the 2017 hurricane. She found a family but wasn’t quite the right fit. At the same time Mara was hired for a consulting gig, and then re-assigned to a different team at the last minute. It was one of her new team-mates who just happened to have a young & rambunctious Cattle Dog in need of a new home. 

When first cornered in the break room about taking on the young pup, Mara initially hesitated. But that persistent co-worker started scrolling through pictures of Luna’s adorable mug, and Mara agreed to a weekend trial.

Luna came over for the weekend and never left. She took the long way round but but ultimately found her furever family when all the stars aligned just right.

One of her favorite activities is destroying stuffies. And anything stuffed in her reach is fair game. Mara came home one afternoon to find a stuffed Santa decoration had mysteriously exploded leaving stuffing everywhere! Though, I doubt Luna ended up with coal in her stocking.

Sensitive Luna also seems to have a bit of a guilty conscience. Whenever the words “did you..?” are uttered she immediately starts grinning and crawls in Mom’s lap to be as cute as possible, just in case. 

But it’s Luna intuitive ability to know just when someone needs a shoulder to cry on that really won her Momma’s heart. Even where there are no tears, she just knows when someone needs a good cuddle and she’s happy to oblige.

Because of a few weird weather delays, Mara & Luna were one of the very last Denver sessions for the Yoga Dog Project. And they did not disappoint! 

Though Luna was a little unsure about all the park activity she stayed close to her Mom to create beautiful images.

I couldn’t wait to get this beautiful collection installed for Mara & Luna to enjoy every time they relax in the living room. 

While the deadline for inclusion in the book has passed, I’ve enjoyed yoga photography so much that I am eager to continue photographing yogis & their awesome pups!

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The Yoga Dog Project book is planned for release in August of 2019.

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