Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Drax the Dogstroyer

by Kris Phillips

Drax is a big lovable lug, full of joy and just a little derpy like the Marvel Superhero he was named after. Often acting before he thinks, at just 4 months old he saw a woman walking on the sidewalk and leaped out the car window to greet her! Not to worry, he tapped into his inner superhero and came away unscathed. And to add to his adorable derpiness is a tongue that seems just a little too big and always sticks out.

Of course, don’t mistake him impulsiveness for being not too smart. It took him no time at all during our photo session to figure out I was the keeper of the treats, and that if he ran over to me, I’d lure him back in place with another goody.

And when he wants to go outside and play he’ll let his Mom know by shoving his head between the couch cushions and pouting or whining until he gets his way.

In Drax’s own words “I was picked up from a shelter house in Sterling Colorado where I was brought to a place my people like to call home. There’s another creature that lives there names Emily. I try to play with her but I don’t think she likes me very much. She makes a hiss sound and then runs away. My favorite activities are getting the ball, playing with my other dog friends and camping with my people!”

Nicole’s been practicing yoga since her Mom, Nanci, introduced her to it in 2009. And her dedication to her practice radiated during our session with beautiful poses that she held while Drax bounced around and played. This good boy also showed me his masterful expression of down-dog! At just 8 months I was amazed at how well mannered he was. His adorable head tilts and rambunctious personality were a blast to photograph.

After our session I was thrilled to install Nicole’s very first pieces of wall art!

“You know you’re a dog mom when the only piece of wall art you have is of your dog”- Nicole R.

This good boy even has his very own Instagram: Drax.dogstroyer

While the deadline for inclusion in the book has passed, I’ve enjoyed yoga photography so much that I am eager to continue photographing yogis & their awesome pups!

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