Lucca-The little Coton with a lot of LOVE

by Kris Phillips

I first met Nanci & Lucca, along with Nanci’s husband Russ a few years ago when Lucca was still a youngster and their daughter gifted them a photo session with their new little man. Nanci and Russ were a blast to work with the first time around, so I was elated when she & Lucca joined the Yoga Dog Project!

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph some really unique breeds but Lucca is my very first Coton de Tulear! It’s a breed that originated in Madagascar while under French control, the adorable fluffballs are named for their super soft cottony coat. Lucca’s a Colorado native, born right here in Morrison. He spent his early days frolicking in the mountains before he met his furever family.

Once he found Nanci, he never left her side. He does guard duty whenever Dad’s away on business, and snuggles Nanci to sleep by letting her rub his belly. He even makes sure to keep Nanci entertained by dancing on his back legs, playing fetch and keep away with his favorite squeaky balls, and spinning in circles. And just to make sure she doesn’t get lost in their big house he follows her every where she goes. He’s such a good boy! After all that hard work being a good boy he likes to indulge with a little shoulder massage from his momma.

Though Mr. Lucca does have expensive taste. Literally! One afternoon while working in her home office Nanci found him chewing on a $50 bill.

Our Yoga session was on a wonderful warm afternoon. Lucca showed off his awesome modeling skills. I always set aside the beginning of a session for some outdoor portraits and by the time we’re done with those the sun is low in the sky and leaves us the second half of our session for yoga. But Lucca wowed me by nailing all his poses so quickly that we had lots and lots of time left over yoga. Then he & Nanci beautifully expressed every pose I could think of.

I was so excited to install this gorgeous metal print collection for her to enjoy!

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