Fall puppy photograph Golden Colorado
Photo of Bernese mountain dog with owner in the mountains.
Four Dogs Photographed in Colorado Mountains
Border collies with owner enjoying Denver's front range mountains
Bernese Mountain Dog Photographed Outside Denver Colorado
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Border Collie Dog Photo
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Neeko & Athena Show Smiles are Contageous

by Kris Phillips

I met Emma & Anthony on a chilly Winter afternoon in Ruby Hill Park. Their sweet pups Athena & Neeko were taking turns chasing geese and chasing sticks. With Athena often getting the stick first, and Neeko trying to catch up to it.

Emma found Neeko in the Dominican Republic while she was serving in the Peace Corp when he was just a tiny pup. It took a lot of patience and a good bit of paperwork to get him home, but the overwhelming love of this little dingo made it worth every bit. His joyful personality inspired his name, Neeko means “the sound of a smile”. With such a colorful heritage we couldn’t help but take advantage of the beautiful murals in the park.

Athena found her new favorite stick and couldn’t get enough of fetch with Dad!

Though she did take some time to strike a few poses and show off her best side. Not to mention her own adorable lab smile!

Anthony’s an avid rock-climber and manages two local climbing gyms. So he had no trouble with the strength and flexibility to pull off some beautiful couples poses. With a little coaching from his girlfriend & favorite yoga teacher, Emma.

The Yoga Dog Project has been a wonderful adventure in photography, and I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing yogi’s who were willing to brave everything a Colorado Spring could throw at us. Not to mention some beautiful, furry souls.

While the deadline for inclusion in the book has passed, I’ve enjoyed yoga photography so much that I am eager to continue photographing yogis & their awesome pups!

Want your own Yoga Dog photos? Go to the Yoga Dog Project Page for all the details. Or email Kris@Fureverfriendsphotos.com

The Yoga Dog Project book is planned for release in August of 2019.

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