Copper Gets The Zoomies

by Kris Phillips

I met Blythe and Copper one stormy early Spring afternoon while shooting for The Yoga Dog Project. Sweet Copper was one of the smallest puppers on the project but those short legs did nothing to slow him down. He literally ran circles around us. No really. More than once Copper got a case of the zoomies and all I could do was sit back on my heels and giggle at his excitement. Perhaps it was the stormy weather, or maybe just the couple enjoying a Panda Express picnic nearby.

I absolutely adored capturing his inquisitive head tilts and loving personality.

But life wasn’t always so carefree for Copper. Somehow this handsome boy found himself in a Kansas City shelter/ From there he made the long journey to Morrison, Colorado rescue group, Peaks & Poms. Then it was only a matter of time before his furever family, Blythe & Mickey welcomed him home.

Copper will do just about anything for a carrot or a squeaky toy. And he’s a pretty smart guy too. It wasn’t long into our session before he figured out I was the one with all the goodies. Whenever he needed a break from posing with Mom, he’d zoom over, snatch a cookie or carrot out of the bag an take off like a bolt again.

When he’s not staring in a photo shoot, Copper loves to superman off the stairs after his squeak toys, or snuggle up with his humans & a cozy blanket on the couch.

Blythe’s been practicing for over 12 years. While she enjoys the challenge of a strong practice filled with handstands and inversions. She says she also deeply values restorative styles that allow her to focus, turn off the noise, and practice presence.

If you’d attend one of Blythe’s classes you can reach out to her on IG @yogidollar


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The Yoga Dog Project book is planned for release in July or August of 2019.

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