How To Display Photos In Your Home

by Kris Phillips

Photos of the most important people in your life are guaranteed to brighten your day every time you walk into a room. If you’re going to go to the effort of creating beautiful images with your furry family you shouldn’t have to put any effort into enjoying the end result. You should be able to view your favorite images simply by looking across the room, without having to reach in your pocket, swipe through a hundred snaps, and squint at a tiny screen. You need beautiful high-quality display options that are as unique as you are. This is why I’ve curated a collection of options that’ll wow anyone who visits your home, and warm your heart every time you see them.

Custom Wall Collections:

Whether you prefer classic canvas, traditionally framed prints, or modern metals the possibilities are endless. Should you do one large statement piece? Or a collection of smaller pieces? Or something in between? Traditional rectangles, or custom shapes and dimensions? And not all print labs are created equal. No matter how beautiful your original photo was, if you take it to the wrong lab you’ll end up disappointed. With all the options out there it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You’re not alone.

You deserve Wall Art that’s as unique as you are and reflects your personal style and your pups personality. Sound like a tall order? Think of me as your personal design guide. Utilizing cutting edge design software and physical samples I’ll help you narrow down the sea of options and create the perfect collection to fit your home. 

And then I’ll get in printed through a professional quality lab, and even install it. So all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your new masterpiece.

Folio Box

One of the biggest struggles most of my clients have is narrowing all the images they love down to just a few they’d like to display on the wall. No joke, almost every reveal I hear “how on Earth do I pick?!” While others simply don’t have wall space at all. We do live in Denver after all, where square footage is at a premium. This is why I created this Signature Folio Box.

The Folio Box is a re-imagining of the traditional photo album. It consists of a set of matted prints with an easel to display your current favorite, and a decorative storage box to contain the rest. Swap out your display as often as you’d like. This compact option is perfect for small spaces, end tables, nightstands, or the office. You can even add your dogs name & the date at no additional cost to make it truly unique.


Memory Cube:

I strive to offer you a truly custom experience and that includes display options you’re not going to find just anywhere. One of my most popular signature options is the Cube. Finished to enrich the natural wood and match your decor this little gem packs a lot of beauty into a very small space. It’s perfect for the office or gift to a loved one.

And because I build them in-house I can guarantee yours will be one of a kind!

Your loved ones deserve more than file space. And you deserve a truly unique way to display the images that warm your heart. Let me be your guide.




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