Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

The Joy Of Kona

by Kris Phillips

Hello! My name is Kona. I live with my mom and dad. I am an only child and my dad says I am spoiled. My mom and dad are my favorite hoomans. Every morning I get belly rubs and give lots of kisses. Belly rubs are my favorite. I luv to go to the dog park to show my frens how fast I am and splash in the water! It is my favorite thing. Sometimes after the park we go to the oet store and get bones. Bones is my favorite thing. Every night after my hoomans eat, I play ball with them. Ball is our favorite thing, and I make sure they neeeever forget. After ball, I get sleepy. I dream tomorrow will be just like today. Today is my favorite.

Kona is a big sweet pupper who could actually smother you in kisses if you’re not ready for it. At 80 pounds it’s easy to forget she’s still something of a puppy. But spend just a few minutes with her and her youthful joy radiates everywhere she goes.

Kona found her hoomans when she was still a wee one. Though it’s hard to imaging Kona as ever being small. Jenna found her during a difficult life transition, leaving the corporate world for something more soul-nourishing, during her yoga teacher training. Ever the playful pup, Kona loves to frolic and remind her Mom that play nourishes the soul. She’s constantly bringing her toys and if you don’t happen to be paying attention she will give you big slobbery full-face kisses until you can’t breath and she’s sure you’re paying attention. Her mom says “Kona is the sweetest, happiest soul I’ve ever met. When I’m feeling down, she will always remind me to be present and playful. She taught me the meaning of presence, reminded me to play more and helped me remember to spend more time in nature. She is such a beautiful gift.”

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