Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Celebrate the Dog-Moms!

by Kris Phillips


  • Your dog is the reason you get out of bed everyday…REALLY FREAKIN’ EARLY
  • You work hard so your dog can have a better life!
  • Nothing’s better to soothe a rough day than a fluffy-buddy snuggle session, and maybe a glass of wine.
  • It takes you less than 5 minutes of conversation to work in an excuse to show off pictures of your fur-baby
  • You’ve planned a doggy birthday pawty or new puppy shower

You’re a Dog-Mom! 


Being a Dog-Mom is awesome! But it does have one big downside. You’re fur-kids probably wont successfully deliver breakfast in bed. ‘Cuz you know if there’s pancakes in reach, they’re not making all the way to you.

So you might have to take it upon yourself to celebrate your Dog-Mom status.


If it’s just you & your fur-baby:

  • Go ahead and do breakfast in bed. And share your waffles with your special fur-ball.
  • Plan a new adventure for the two of you. Check out a new dog park, go for a long drive, grab some FroYo in the park.
  • Pick up some cheeky Dog Mom AF apparel at Arm the Animals.
  • Treat yourself to some stunning new artwork featuring your fur-baby.

Celebrate the other Dog-Moms in your life:

  • Send an old fashioned snail mail Mothers Day card to all the Dog-Moms you know, whether she’s your best friend, your sister, or even your Mom.
  • Have a Dog-Mom’s get together.
    • Brunch on the patio
    • Grab a beer at one of Denver’s dog-friendly breweries
    • Mani-pedi’s
    • A girl’s day hike

If you’re a Doggy-Daddy:

  • Take this day to show how much you appreciate all the things she does to take care of the fur-kids. (hint: breakfast in bed)
  • Take her out to dinner somewhere the dogs can come with. Cook a candle-lit meal at home. Or have a romantic picnic.
  • Do all the less fun dog tasks for the weekend (I’m talking poo-scooping, middle of the night potty breaks, toweling up the slobber)
  • Surprise her with a family photo session.

Do you have fun plans to celebrate?

Whatever you do this weekend have fun with those fur-babies!

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