Cody's Windy Adventure

by Kris Phillips

Oh wow, what a day. The morning was particularly gross. I loaded the fur-kids in the truck and started long gloomy drive all the way to Longmont to pick up all the beautiful canvas from February’s shoots. Normally I don’t mind the drive, it’s a little time to chill & get some fresh highway air. But today’s heavy fog & multiple car accidents made it a strenuous drive. As I stared at the gray blanket covering all I started wondering if I was going to have to postpone yet another shoot.

By the time I got home though it was like Spring had arrived. Gorgeous bright blue skies with scattered puffy clouds. I was elated! Bopping my head and thumping the stereo all the way to Iron Spring Park. Finally feeling warm sunshine on my face, I thought “for once we’re not gonna freeze our butts off!”


Well, I thought too soon. I got out of the truck and boom~ HIGH WINDS.


Bailee’s beautiful long hair whipped around her face with a mind of it’s own. And as little Cody stood handsomely staring into the distance he reminded me of the set of a fashion shoot, with the wind machine turned up just a bit too high.

Bailee found Cody at the Boulder Humane Society and the two have been inseparable ever since. As an avid runner Bailee first began yoga to balance the strain running put on her body. But quickly grew to love the mental clarity her practice gave her. She not only committed to her own practice but began sharing her passion with others. Bailee now teaches at several Boulder yoga studios. 

While I first cussed the wind, I also started to LOVE what I was seeing through the lens. Bailee’s hair went from whipping like it had a mind of it’s own to flowing with her poses, the golden sun filtering through.


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