Dexter on Duty

by Kris Phillips

Rachel & Dexter do some really important work helping vets overcome PTSD through yoga.

Dexter’s a little dog with a LOT of big personality. He happily treks 5-8 miles a hike. And even has his own Instagram.

During most sessions I like to take play breaks, especially with high energy dogs. When I offered up a tennis ball Dexter was beside himself. We had some fun throwing the ball for him and then chasing him down to get it back. He played a bit of keep away, clearly having a blast. When it came time to get back to business I tucked the ball in the side pocket of my pack. It wasn’t long before Dexter decided he needed another play break, ran over and fished it out, lol.

When our wonderfully warm afternoon started to cool off, Dexter warmed up inside Mom’s hoodie in between shots.


Posted by Furever Friends Pet Photography on Thursday, April 4, 2019

Dexter found Rachel while she was still processing the loss of his predecessor. She wasn’t really ready to love another little furry soul, but her family encouraged to go “just go look” at the shelter. And with enough nudging she reluctantly agreed. There, a tiny 3 pound Dexter waited to heal her broken heart. Turned out his tiny body had enough heart for both of them, he licked her face and it was a done deal. Dexter may be one of the most outgoing pups you’ve ever met!

He’s never even thought the word stranger and instantly makes friends with everyone he meets. Which makes him really good at his job helping veterans.

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